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Chapter 4: Anatomy Lesson
Tue Apr 1, 2008 9:48pm

“Sister Ruth, I have a question about the total lack of hair.” She addressed Tommy, who was now in the throes of wretchedness. “Sorry, Tommy, I noticed your face turned even redder when Sister Ruth brought up your hairless little pee-pee.” Cindy, sitting two feet away from Tommy, pointed at his penis as she spoke. She knew what buttons to push to further Tommy’s torment, and he now seemed to be blushing from head to toe. Not only did he have to stand naked in front of the whole class, but also, the matter-of-fact discussion about what for him were extremely private matters was coming close to driving him over the edge. Sister Ruth relished the moment as Cindy asked her question. “When do you think Tommy can expect to finally start growing some hair on his body?”

“Hmm, that’s hard to say, Cindy.” She paused and looked Tommy up and down. “As I mentioned earlier, it is quite possible that he could remain hairless throughout all of high school. This, of course, would be cause for considerable anxiety and embarrassment. For instance, he’ll have to take his clothes off and shower in front of the other boys after P.E. classes. His hairlessness and baby-sized genitalia will be a constant source of teasing and ridicule. And even when he does start growing hair, it may not be very significant. Some people are just born with genes that don’t produce much bodily hair. This often makes them look little-boyish and somewhat feminine, like Tommy. You saw how pretty he looked in his nightgown. Not many boys would look so lovely in a girl’s nightgown. These are all excellent questions. Anyone else?”

A couple of hands shot up, but Sister Ruth glanced at the clock. “It’s time for recess, class. Maybe we can get to your other questions some other time.”

The Girls’ Uniform

Initially a sense of relief came over Tommy, as his torturous experience would at least be temporarily over. But then it dawned on him that recess meant venturing outside. Surely she didn’t expect him to go outside without his clothes on in front of the whole school, he thought. The rest of the class wondered the same thing, and many hoped for exactly that. It had been a very exciting morning for them, and they were hoping that their entertainment would be sustained. Normally, they all would have jumped out of their chairs at the word “recess,” but Tommy’s plight was much more interesting to them. They remained in their seats, waiting to see how the next scene would play out.

Fortunately for Tommy, Sister Ruth had enough sense not to send him outside naked. If one of the other faculty members learned of the depraved activities that had taken place in her classroom that morning (an inevitable occurrence at some point), then her fun would be prematurely over. There was still the better part of the day left, and she had more depraved plans for Tommy to satiate her desires. She had a compromise in mind that would help keep the rest of the faculty quiet, but would also extend Tommy’s humiliation, and thus her pleasure.

“Tommy,” began Sister Ruth, “You can’t be expected to go outside like that, so I’m going to let you get dressed for recess.” It is hard to say which was more prevalent: the class’s disappointment or Tommy’s utter relief. “Take a glance outside to make sure that your clothes are there, and I’ll run down and get them for you.”

[Unbeknownst to Tommy and his classmates, when Sister Ruth had looked out the window a few minutes before, Tommy’s clothes were no longer there, much to her surprise and confusion.]

Tommy, feeling a slight sense of relief, walked over to the window and peered down. He then moved to the next window and did likewise. Now with a look of panic on his face, he tried the last window, but he still couldn’t locate his precious clothes. His classmates were enjoying the scene of the naked Tommy bending out the window, and they had a pretty good idea at this point that he wasn’t going to get his clothes back.

“Well?” asked his teacher.

“They’re not there!” Tommy answered anxiously.

“Hmm, that does create a problem. According to school policy you can’t go outside during school hours without the uniform on.” She paused for effect, cupping her chin with her hand as if she was deep in thought. Then her face brightened, as if she was just struck with a thunderbolt. “I just remembered! You’re in luck, Tommy. I have an extra uniform in my drawer that you can wear,” she said as she walked over to her desk and opened the bottom drawer. Tommy, though hopeful, looked on apprehensively. “Oh, yes, here we are,” she said as she pulled out the girls’ uniform skirt and blouse and held them high for all to see. “The policy doesn’t state which uniform you have to wear. This used to belong to a fifth grader, but I think it’ll fit you just fine.”

The giggling from the girls and the howling from the boys echoed throughout the room. Their disappointment had suddenly turned to gaiety, as their interest and amusement were rejuvenated. Tommy could hear Cindy’s characteristic giggle over everyone. He shot a quick glance at his sister Sally and noted the huge grin on her face. Tommy, still by the window, again looked outside, hoping beyond hope that his clothes had magically reappeared.

“Come here, Tommy, it’s time you put some clothes on,” instructed Sister Ruth. Tommy, while chagrined at the prospect of putting on the girls’ uniform, nevertheless was somewhat consoled, since the skirt and blouse would at least cover his nudity. He walked over to his teacher, who patted the top of her desk. “Have a seat up here, Tommy, and I’ll help you get dressed.”

The wretched Tommy sat on the desk, his feet dangling, facing his sadistic teacher. He was careful to keep his hands at his sides, fighting to keep from covering himself. The captive audience on his right gave him their rapt attention.

“Hold out your leg, please,” Sister Ruth said as she tapped his right shin. She unrolled a white knee sock up his leg, and then repeated the process with his left leg. Tommy winced as she reached in her drawer and pulled out a pair of shiny, black-patent shoes with buckles on them. Tommy’s disconcerted look was not lost on the smiling nun. “Don’t worry, Tommy, you’ll be a big hit in your new Maryjanes.” She slipped each shoe on his feet and deliberately buckled them. She smiled in satisfaction. “Today really is your lucky day, Tommy…they’re a perfect fit. Let’s see how you look so far.” She took both of his hands and pulled him off the desk. She grinned with amusement as she watched his little penis bob up and down when Tommy’s feet hit the floor. The giggling in the classroom persisted, as Tommy was quite a sight, wearing only white knee socks and little girl’s shoes. “Lovely,” mused Sister Ruth, stepping back and admiring her handiwork as she held Tommy’s hands. She looked up at his ever so blushing face and smiled wider. “My, how red your face is!” she taunted. Somehow Tommy’s face burned even brighter, much to the nun’s delight. She reached over to the top of her desk and snatched the white blouse, holding it open while Tommy obligingly slipped his arms through. She continued to tease the unfortunate student as she slowly buttoned up the blouse. “I apologize that this blouse isn’t quite like the other girls’, Tommy. The lacey collar on this one is much more feminine. Oh, yes, you’re starting to look like a blushing little schoolgirl, now,” she taunted as she buttoned the last button and smoothed down the collar with her fingers. “Are you starting to feel a like a little girl, Tommy? Actually, this is probably quite therapeutic. Maybe if you get in touch with your feminine side you’ll be less likely to harass a fellow coed like you did Laura.” She held out the blue and white plaid skirt and Tommy reluctantly stepped into it. She zipped up the side zipper and stepped a couple of feet back to survey the results. “Oh, how lovely you look, Tommy. If it wasn’t for your short hair I’d swear your were a little schoolgirl.”

Tommy looked down forlornly at the skirt he was wearing. He couldn’t help but notice that it only came down to his mid thighs, whereas the hem of the skirts the girls were wearing came down to their knees. Sister Ruth, quite competent with a needle and thread, had raised the hem some six inches in anticipation of this very application.


“All right, class, it’s time to go outside…oh dear…Tommy, we almost forgot your panties.” Sister Ruth opened her drawer and pulled out a pair of lavender panties and held them to her eye level with both hands, stretching them out sideways for effect. Tommy cringed noticeably when he saw the fuchsia-colored ruffles lining the backside. The class continued their giggling as she held them open at Tommy’s feet. Tommy gingerly stepped into them while his teacher pulled them up, talking to him as she did. “I can’t believe you were even thinking of going outside without your panties, Tommy. Somebody could look right up your skirt and see your little naughties.” She pulled the panties all the way up, snapping the band on Tommy’s midriff as she did so. She stepped in front of Tommy and pointed at the skirt. “Lift up your skirt, Tommy…let’s see how you look in your pretty panties.” The chagrined Tommy bowed his head and lifted the front of the skirt. “Higher, Tommy. Lift it so we can see your bare skin above your panties.” Tommy lifted the skirt high enough to bare his midriff. His face flushed with shame as he endured the giggling and snickering from his classmates. Sister Ruth, her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face, stared at Tommy’s exposed panties. “Oh, how adorable,” teased the nun. “My, how red your face is! Now you can appreciate how Laura felt when you lifted her skirt.” Both Sister Ruth and Tommy glanced at Laura, who was positively beaming at what she considered to be poetic justice. Sister Ruth motioned with her index finger, twirling it in a half-circle. “Turn around now, Tommy, and lift up the back of your skirt all the way up so we can all see the pretty frills on your panties.” Tommy obeyed, lifting the skirt up his back. “That’s nice, Tommy, now bend over at the waist.” When the miserable Tommy bent over, the evil nun moved forward and fiddled with the frills, as if to make minor adjustments. “Pretty, pretty. I do declare, you’ll have the prettiest panties of all the girls on the playground.” The merry giggling from the students exacerbated his extreme anguish. Sister Ruth patted Tommy’s behind and addressed the class.

“All right, class, please form two lines, girls in one line, and boys in the other. Tommy, considering your attire, you’ll be in the girls’ line, and of course you’ll play with the girls on their side of the playground. It’s a little breezy out there, so be careful to make sure your skirt doesn’t blow upwards. Proper girls don’t let their panties show.” She paused and smiled at Tommy’s desolate expression. “Sally and Cindy, can I count on you to include Tommy in whatever games you play? Tommy’s had a difficult morning, and I think some exercise will be beneficial for him.”

“Oh, we’ll take good care of him, Sister Ruth,” replied Sally sarcastically, smiling brightly.

Tommy filed into the girls’ line, with Sally and Cindy close behind him. He felt the back of his skirt lifting up, exposing the frilly panties. Tommy reached back and pushed a hand away. He looked back and saw that the owner of the hand was Laura, who was grinning derisively. Giggles were abounding, as Tommy’s fellow students were in a state of giddiness over the events of the most extraordinary morning. He felt all eyes on him as they entered the hallway and stepped down the stairs. Tommy was, of course, very self-conscious, and quite apprehensive. He was about to step outside in front of the whole school and endure the recess while wearing a girls’ uniform. Plus, there were five long hours to go, and who knows what his wicked teacher had in store for him? And what on earth had happened to his clothes?

  • Chapter 4: Anatomy LessonBlondie., Tue Apr 1 9:46pm
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    • Chapter 4: Anatomy LessonBlondie., Sat Nov 19 2:40pm
      The Reluctant Model There was no way out for Tommy now. Resigned to his fate, but with an extreme sense of dread, he slowly turned around and faced his fellow students. It was an excruciating moment... more
    • Chapter 4: Anatomy Lesson — Blondie., Tue Apr 1 9:48pm
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