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Chapter 9: Sisterhood of Humiliation
Tue Apr 8, 2008 6:10pm

“Thank you,” she giggled. “And please, call me ‘Ruth.’ Anyway, I told him to face me and put his hands behind his head. He was reluctant, but I think he understood that he was going to do my bidding one way or the other, and he eventually relented. He was quite exposed now, and of course the poor lad was absolutely miserable.” She paused momentarily and smiled to herself as she conjured up the image in her head. “Oh, and Betty, I have to tell you, he’s so smooth! I mean, not a hair anywhere below his head, which, for a teenager, I’m sure added considerably to his shame…and to have to stand there on display like that…his hairless, little baby-sized penis and tiny testicles out there for all to see…oh, it was really something! I made a point of catching his eye then looking him up and down, and smiling—believe me, I couldn’t help but smile at the delicious scene—and somehow his face turned even redder. Then I…you’ll really love this, Betty…I decided it was a good opportunity to teach the class a few things about the male anatomy. I had him stand on the stepstool while I used my pointer, and we went over every inch of his genitalia.”

“Oh, my word, the lad must have been positively mortified!”

“Yes, it was delightful,” she said with a giggle “And then I had a question and answer period, and a couple of my students…I picked only girls, figuring that would add to his humiliation…anyway, they asked some very pointed questions about his underdeveloped penis and his…as one of the girls put it, his ‘total lack of hair.’”

Sister Ruth grinned while the amused and titillated Betty Richards clapped her hands together. “What a brilliant idea, involving his peers,” she said. “They can be so wicked. I’m sure he was beside himself.” The grin on her face betrayed her own wicked nature.

“Indeed, Betty, I thought he was going to faint from embarrassment…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone’s face so red before.”

Both ladies laughed aloud. Sister Ruth finished recounting the morning’s activities, while her fellow teacher listened attentively. At one point Miss Richards rubbed her palms together, both in enthusiasm over the tale, and in her eagerness to partake in her own depravity.

The Plan

Before parting, they concocted their strategy for the afternoon. With both of their devious minds working together, it was ensured that Tommy’s debasement would reach a new level. The plan was to give him his clothes back some time before dance class. This would serve dual purposes: First, it would allow Miss Richards the pleasure of stripping Tommy anew, and second—this is where a mean streak comes into play—Tommy would have a false sense of security, having his clothes back and believing that Miss Richards would never be involved in such debauchery. Then suddenly he’d have the rug slipped right out from under him—or, more accurately, his clothes stripped right off of him.

The two ladies laughed and nodded approvingly at their plan and their newfound partnership. They exchanged a friendly handshake, and, as Betty departed with her empty duffel bag, she called over her shoulder, “See you at two, Ruth. Don’t be late. And don’t forget to bring our unsuspecting little friend!”

The grinning Sister Ruth replied, “Oh, don’t you worry, Betty. I’ll have him in tow, and then he’ll be yours for the picking. Or, I should probably say, the ‘stripping.’”

As the sound of Miss Richards’ laughter echoed through the empty hallway, the shrill of the bell that signaled the end of the lunch period drowned her out. Sister Ruth peered out her window and saw Tommy being put through his paces by the eighth grade girls. She afforded herself yet another smile.

  • Chapter 9: Sisterhood of HumiliationBlondie., Tue Apr 8 6:09pm
    Reminiscences of Humiliations Gone By During the lunch period, Sister Ruth spent most of her time gazing out her window. Her view was of the girls’ play yard, and she was enjoying the... more
    • Chapter 9: Sisterhood of Humiliation — Blondie., Tue Apr 8 6:10pm
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