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The Humiliation of a Supervisor, Part 1
Tue Feb 5, 2008 6:03pm

The Humiliation of a Supervisor

Gloria Baxter was one day removed from her forty-third birthday. She had celebrated quietly, alone. Always alone. She was used to being alone; she knew she was destined to be a spinster, and she wanted it that way. The thought of being with a man disgusted her. The thought of a man seeing her naked body was incomprehensible. No, she was perfectly content to concentrate on her career as the manager of Howell & Steinbach’s accounting firm. She sat at her desk on this mundane Monday morning, sifting through a few papers that were stacked neatly in her inbox. Out of the corner of her eye she spied an unfamiliar icon on her computer desktop. The tag underneath read “Personal.” Perplexed, she reached for her mouse.

Steve Conrad, the senior of the seven CPA’s in the office, occupied the cubicle closest to the enclosed office of Miss Baxter. He had breathed a sigh of relief when she entered the office that morning and left her curtains open. This afforded a view into her office for himself and his co-workers, a scenario that was quite critical if his master plan was to be optimally successful. This particular Monday morning, Steve kept a close watch on the movements of his supervisor. He smiled broadly to himself and felt a rush of anticipation when he saw her reach for her mouse. He had spent the better part of Sunday in her office, installing a program into her computer, a hidden video camera in a strategic spot, and a connection between her computer speakers and a microphone he had at his desk. His considerable savvy in electronics was about to bear fruit, and in a big way.

Steve had been putting up with the overbearing, unreasonable Miss Baxter for more than five years. He was underpaid and overworked, and not once had his supervisor shown any appreciation. His last raise was over two years ago, and even then it was a paltry two percent. He knew he deserved better, and he was considering an offer from another firm. But before he could leave, he needed to inflict vengeance for the five-plus years of inhumane treatment at her hands. The final straw was the previous Friday. First he was denied a request for a salary increase. Then, he was told he was required to work Saturday, his day off, to finish a project that she had laid on him just the day before.

“If you weren’t so damn slow,” she had counseled, “You’d have finished and could go enjoy the weekend.”

Steve was forced to cancel a weekend getaway with his new girlfriend. At that point he decided to put his plan into effect. A friend of his had told him about a computer program that could be used to hypnotize an unsuspecting user. His friend, whom he considered reliable, vouched for its effectiveness. That Friday night, he stopped at his favorite software retailer and purchased the program. Before he left work, he told his fellow CPAs and the two secretaries to be sure to come to work on time Monday morning so they could witness the humiliation of the hated Miss Baxter. The faces of all eight of them had lit up at this announcement, since each had had many negative experiences with her. They would like nothing more than to see Miss Baxter get her comeuppance.

Gloria Baxter clicked on the icon. Immediately soft music emanated from her computer speakers. An animated pendulum appeared on her screen. It swayed back and forth continuously and rhythmically, to the sound of a ‘tick-tock.’ Then a soothing voice, sounding suspiciously like Steve Conrad, began speaking to her.

[Good morning, Gloria. Please relax and keep your head still, while following the pendulum with your eyes.]

Gloria looked out her window at her subordinate. Steve had anticipated this, and he appeared transfixed with his work. Gloria turned back to her monitor, where the pendulum captivated her. She became mesmerized by it, and couldn’t take her eyes off it.
[You are getting sleepy, Gloria.]

Indeed, after a few seconds her eyes became quite heavy.

[No need to fight it, Gloria. Let your eyes close, slowly.]

Gloria’s eyes closed.

[That’s right, Gloria, you are now entering a deep, peaceful sleep. Let go. Relax, enjoy the inner peace.]

Gloria was now in a very deep sleep. Steve turned off his microphone and called out to his co-workers.

“All right gang, it’s show time. Everybody over here!”

Within a few seconds, six women and three men were staring through Miss Baxter’s window. Eight of them were confused at the sight of her sitting at her desk, fast asleep. Steve picked up the microphone and turned it on.

[Okay now, Gloria, when I count to three you are going to wake up. When you do, you will be given specific instructions. You are, without fail, to follow each of these instructions to the letter.]

Steve paused to allow this to sink in.

[Ready, here we go. One, two, three.]

Gloria opened her eyes.

[All right now, Gloria, the first thing I’d like you do is to remove your shoes.]

Gloria reached down and removed her two-inch black pumps, placing them neatly on the floor next to her desk. Steve looked at his fellow workers, and smiled as they had collectively dropped their jaws in amazement.

[Very good, Gloria. Now I’d like you to stand up, walk over to the middle of your office and face the window to the outer office. When you see the faces in the window, I’d like you to smile for them.]

Gloria did just that. At first a couple of the spectators retracted, but relaxed when their subject smiled broadly at them.

[Excellent, Gloria. Now I’d like you to remove your blouse and toss it to the side.]

The wide-eyed audience gasped. They had never seen any exposed skin of their supervisor, save for her hands and face. Gloria was wearing a long-sleeved white blouse, which she unbuttoned from the top, working her way down. She pulled the blouse from her perfectly starched black pants and tossed them on the floor to her right. Her substantial breasts filled her white, Maidenform bra, size 38D. Steve smiled, and when he looked to his cohorts he saw a combination of astonishment and enjoyment.

[That’s nice, Gloria. You can let your hair down, and let if flow down your back.]

Gloria reached up and released the pins that held her brownish hair in a bun on the back of her head. Her long, flowing hair released down her back. Steve’s eyebrows rose. He was surprised that Miss Baxter actually looked somewhat attractive; he had never thought of her in a sexual sense.

[You can remove your pants now, Gloria.]

Gloria unbuttoned her pants and slipped them off, tossing them on the ground next to her blouse. She was now adorned in white cotton panties, a white bra, and black nylon knee socks. The socks had to go.

[Please take your socks off, Gloria.]

Gloria bent over from the waist and slid off her socks, adding them to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Steve looked closely at her naked legs. Some cellulite, yes, but all in all not bad for a middle-aged woman.

[Clasp your arms above your head, and slowly turn all the way around for us, Gloria.]

The underwear-clad woman did just that, to the entertainment of her audience and for the eye of the video camera above the window.

[Well done, Gloria. You can take your bra off now.]

Steve noticed a sight hesitation, and wondered if the hypnosis was powerful enough to sustain this latest instruction. Indeed, Gloria reached behind her and unclasped her bra, dutifully flipping it to the floor on her right. Her breasts sagged somewhat, but again, she was in remarkable shape for a forty-three year old woman. Steve felt himself becoming erect, both at his position of control and at her physical presence. He looked to his right, and could see the enjoyment on everyone’s faces.

[Now let’s get those panties off, Gloria.]

Gloria slipped her fingers in the waistband and slid her panties down and off, to everyone’s utter incredulity. Steve let her stand naked before them for some time. He looked at her ample bush and realized that he had a full-blown erection. He had her do another 360 before taking the next step.

[Okay, Gloria, you’re going to hear some music in a moment. When you do, I’d like you to dance to the beat of the music. Just let yourself go. Feel the rhythm and the beat and get lost in it. You are a great dancer, Gloria. Remember, you are a great dancer.]

Steve took his microphone back to his desk and set it down in front of a boom box. He pushed a button and some loud Latin music, with the beat of a samba filled the room. The group watched in wonder as the naked Gloria began moving her body to the beat. Gradually, as she warmed up, her movements became more demonstrative. She moved to her right, kicking her shed clothes out of the way, creating a larger dance floor. The camera, equipped with a motion sensor, followed her around the room. As the beat quickened, so did her movement. She danced to and fro, writhing seductively. At one point she clasped her hands behind her head and gyrated her hips, drawing exclamations from the group at the window. She raised her hands high in the air and made a full circle around her office, pumping her arms and shaking hips wildly throughout. When the song ended, she stopped in the middle of her office, out of breath. Beads of sweat poured from her face and chest. Steve stood transfixed along with everyone else, unbelieving of what they had just witnessed. When he gathered himself, Steve again addressed his subject.

[That was un...…that was excellent, Gloria. In fact, it was so good, I think you should reward yourself. Why don’t you start by fondling your breasts.]

“Oh God, this is too much!” Steve heard one of the secretaries whisper excitedly.

Gloria slowly caressed her naked, sweaty breasts. After awhile her nipples hardened. She took both nipples between her index and middle fingers and gently massaged them. Her hands started lowering to her vagina.

[Uh-uh-uh, Gloria. I’ve got something even better for you. Go to your lower right hand drawer and pull out what I left there for you.]

The eroticized Gloria bent down and opened the drawer, providing another lusty view for her audience. She pulled out an eight-inch dildo. Two testicles were attached at the bottom, and it flattened out so it could stand up on its own.

[Now I’d like you to push everything off your desk and kneel on all fours, facing the window.]

Gloria, with two swipes of her arm, cleared her desk and climbed up on it, kneeling on her hands and knees.

[Good girl. Now I’d like you to place your dildo down in front of you. Then I want you to start caressing it with your tongue.]

Gloria placed the dildo in front of her and leaned down. She ran her tongue in a circular motion around the head of the fake penis. She slid her tongue up and down the shaft. The group at the window got quite an eyeful. Miss Baxter kept a huge mirror on the wall behind her desk. The view from the window (and the camera) took in all of her female charms from the reflection as she bent forward from her waist.

[Very nice, Gloria. Now start sucking on it. Take it in your mouth and suck on it.]

Gloria put about two or three inches of the dildo in her mouth and moved her head up and down.

[Faster, Gloria, and try to take it all in, down your throat if you have to. Act like you’re enjoying yourself.]

Gloria thrust a few more inches in her mouth and increased the speed of her sucking motion. She furiously moved her head back and forth, and saliva was dripping down to her desk. Steve let her continue for a few minutes before giving his next instructions.

[That was wonderful, Gloria. Now I’d like you to sit up, while remaining on your knees. That’s good. Now put the dildo behind you. Excellent. Now if you reach over to your middle drawer you’ll find some very strong masking tape. Take that out and tape your new toy to your desktop, so it won’t move.]

Gloria followed the instructions as the audience looked on in fascination.

[Good. Now remain on your knees, but lift up enough so you can sit back down on the dildo. It should be in your vagina now. Excellent. Lower ALL the way down. That’s it. Now start lifting you hips up and down. Yes, just like that. Keep going until I tell you to stop.]

Gloria was putting on quite a show now. She started slowly, but gradually started lathering herself into a sexual frenzy. She increased the tempo of her thrusts, while using one hand to play with her clitoris and the other to massage her breasts. The view from the window was exquisite; not only the frontal view, but if they looked in the mirror they could see her ass bouncing up and down on her desk. For Steve, it was all he could do to keep himself composed. As Miss Baxter’s sexual excitement heightened, she increased the speed of her thrusting hips even more. For the first time since her hypnosis began, her audience heard her voice.

“Ooh,” she cooed. “Aah.” Her body was writhing as she became more and more aroused. “Oh, my…oh, my!” She flung her head back and her mouth was wide open. Her voice became louder and the dildo thrusts became more ferocious. Her white body became flushed. “Oh! Oh! Oh, God! Oh, God! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She orgasmed like she never had before, screaming out at the top of her lungs. When she was spent, she slumped down to the desk on her hands and knees, breathing heavily, her sweat-filled, tussled hair clinging to her face. In all, she had spent more than fifteen minutes in the throes of sexual delight.

Steve and his fellow audience were awestruck. A couple of minutes went by before somebody broke the silence.

“Wow,” was the only word spoken.

This awoke Steve from his stupor. He put the microphone to his lips.

[That was…that was…unreal, Gloria. You really have outdone yourself. Okay, you can pick up the mess and put it back on your desk now, just the way it was arranged before. Then you can get dressed, and don’t forget to fix you hair the way you had it. You might want to touch up your makeup a little bit, too.]

It took Gloria a few minutes to follow through on these latest instructions. When she was finished, she was sitting at her desk. Steve spoke with her once more.

[Now I’d like you to close your eyes, Gloria, and don’t open them until I say you can.]

Gloria closed her eyes. Steve set down the microphone and entered her office quietly. He used her mouse and in three clicks he removed the hypnosis program from her computer, then stepped back out and picked up the microphone.

[Okay, Gloria, I’m going to count to three again, at which point you can open your eyes. When you do, you will have forgotten everything that happened since the last time I counted to three.]

He paused to allow his latest remark to set in. He motioned for the rest of the group to return to their desks. They dispersed, still thunderstruck by what they had just witnessed. He sat at his desk and used the microphone for the last time.


Gloria opened her eyes. She sat motionless momentarily as she came out of her hypnotic state. Slowly her senses returned, and she had a bewildered feeling, like something was amiss. She looked around, and saw Steve working diligently at his desk. Something was wrong, but she couldn’t place it. She felt an unusual feeling in her loins, something she had never felt before. She felt dampness inside her panties.

“What in the hell is going on?” she said out loud to herself.

She looked at her computer screen, and remembered clicking on the mysterious icon. The icon was no longer there. Flustered, she looked at the clock.

“Oh my God, it’s after 9:00! What have I done with the last hour?!”

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