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Brandy Malone
Murphy the Jealous Toddler...
Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:59

(Murphy is from Junie & Winston)
Somehow, this happened ...maybe it's because
my boys are 9 & 17 ...and I'm not having anymore
children ...but Murphy has taken a liking to ....
(this is really embarrassing)....being held like
a toddler ....he comes up to me and does
the whole reach up my legs thing until I
pick him up and tote him around on my hip! He
will even turn and reach out for someone if
they come up and say, "Murphy wanna come
to me?" and if he doesn't want to go to that
person.....he just turns his
body in to the person holding him and puts his
head on their shoulder.
I suppose I welcomed & encouraged the behavior
because my last child wasn't very cuddly and
perhaps... I felt a little jipped.
Soooo, this has never
posed a problem UNTIL I had to watch my
niece for a couple of days!!! OHHH LORRRD!! It's
been like having twins!
I thank Lisa every day for this endless bundle
of love that she brought into our lives <3
endless bundle of love that won't *EVER* have
to go off to college one day!! :)
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    • Like a babyKim Thornburg, Wed Aug 21 08:17
      Brandi- I have Stella (pink collar) from the same litter of Junie and Winston as you. She does the exact same thing! The only was I can hold her is like a child. She basically jumps up when I go to... more
      • Re: Like a babyJUDITH RAVIN , Sun Aug 25 21:47
        DerbyDoodle from Chianna/Triton she does it also think its a doodle thing? Or a Springview specialty?
      • This makes me Brandy Malone , Wed Aug 21 10:41
        feel SO much better about myself lol ...I was thinking that it was me that did it--turns out, it's Lisa! She just has a gift for creating *the* most loving babies!!! Murphy does that too!! He will... more
    • Oliver does the same thingSharon (Oliver and Nellie), Tue Aug 20 15:44
      thank you so much for sharing this story- I have Oliver who is now 4 years old and he does the same thing- he loves when I pick him up and he puts his head on my shoulder- sometimes he wont let me... more
      • Lol - that's awesome...Brandy Malone , Tue Aug 20 18:20
        At Murphy's last vet appt--the vet tech took him in the back to have his "stuff" done and when she brought him back she said "Do you carry him around a lot?" I said "Not really but he does like to be ... more
        • Dialog about Murphy & sibsRobin, Wed Aug 21 10:27
          Brandi, Kim, everyone: I enjoy this forum so much. I learn and giggle from it. Thank you for sharing all the stories. I have been delayed in getting my Springview puppy from Lisa and all Your stories ... more
          • I did the same thingBrandy Malone , Wed Aug 21 11:20
            hang in there! It's worth the wait! I will never forget when we went to pick Murphy up--Lisa opened the door as we were walking up. She was holding Murphy, then handed him to me and I almost melted... more
            • Thank you! You guys don't know how muchLisa Springview, Wed Aug 21 14:44
              it means to me to be appreciated like this with such kind words for me and my puppies. It's really hard sometimes doing what I do and sometimes I really need to hear that it matters to more than just ... more
              • You have no ideaBrandy Malone , Fri Aug 23 14:30
                how excited I am about this Facebook page and how many times I was going to offer to set one up for you ;)
            • murphy and my hoperobin in california, Wed Aug 21 11:40
              Dear Brandy: Lisa is my pick for a breeder and I am so excited and these stories keep me moving along. My dad is 88 and it's been challenging, so thanks for the wonderful stories of hope.
              • loving puppiesTula-petite(Chianna and Triton), Wed Aug 21 20:35
                Tula was born into the January litter of petites(Chianna and Triton) and weighed in at a whopping 3.6 pounds on my allocation day. Lisa opened the door to her home with Tula held in one of her hands. ... more
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