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Brandy Malone
Lol - that's awesome...
Tue Aug 20, 2013 18:20

At Murphy's last vet appt--the vet tech took
him in the back to have his "stuff" done
and when she brought him back she said
"Do you carry him around a lot?" I said
"Not really but he does like to be held like
a toddler" ...she started laughing and said
that explains why when she went to pick him
up from the counter to put him back on
the floor--he latched onto her...said she's
never seen that before lol ;)

  • Oliver does the same thingSharon (Oliver and Nellie), Tue Aug 20 15:44
    thank you so much for sharing this story- I have Oliver who is now 4 years old and he does the same thing- he loves when I pick him up and he puts his head on my shoulder- sometimes he wont let me... more
    • Lol - that's awesome... — Brandy Malone , Tue Aug 20 18:20
      • Dialog about Murphy & sibsRobin, Wed Aug 21 10:27
        Brandi, Kim, everyone: I enjoy this forum so much. I learn and giggle from it. Thank you for sharing all the stories. I have been delayed in getting my Springview puppy from Lisa and all Your stories ... more
        • I did the same thingBrandy Malone , Wed Aug 21 11:20
          hang in there! It's worth the wait! I will never forget when we went to pick Murphy up--Lisa opened the door as we were walking up. She was holding Murphy, then handed him to me and I almost melted... more
          • Thank you! You guys don't know how muchLisa Springview, Wed Aug 21 14:44
            it means to me to be appreciated like this with such kind words for me and my puppies. It's really hard sometimes doing what I do and sometimes I really need to hear that it matters to more than just ... more
            • You have no ideaBrandy Malone , Fri Aug 23 14:30
              how excited I am about this Facebook page and how many times I was going to offer to set one up for you ;)
          • murphy and my hoperobin in california, Wed Aug 21 11:40
            Dear Brandy: Lisa is my pick for a breeder and I am so excited and these stories keep me moving along. My dad is 88 and it's been challenging, so thanks for the wonderful stories of hope.
            • loving puppiesTula-petite(Chianna and Triton), Wed Aug 21 20:35
              Tula was born into the January litter of petites(Chianna and Triton) and weighed in at a whopping 3.6 pounds on my allocation day. Lisa opened the door to her home with Tula held in one of her hands. ... more
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