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Brandy Malone
This makes me
Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:41

feel SO much better about myself lol ...I was
thinking that it was me that did it--turns out,
it's Lisa! She just has a gift for creating *the* most
loving babies!!!
Murphy does that too!! He will reach his
front legs up to me and when I say (this is
so lame but I just can't help myself) "Want
Mama to hold you?" --he will get excited and
reach more & starts "tap dancing" with his
back legs....when I reach down to pick him
up its almost like he uses his core to try to
jump up's the sweetest thing!
I'm sure though, when my neighbors drive by
and see him on my hip as I check the mail--
probably think I'm a tad weird, LOL!!
ps-that is "Stela" in the pictures with me --
great name choice!! Your Stella is gorgeous!

  • Like a babyKim Thornburg, Wed Aug 21 08:17
    Brandi- I have Stella (pink collar) from the same litter of Junie and Winston as you. She does the exact same thing! The only was I can hold her is like a child. She basically jumps up when I go to... more
    • Re: Like a babyJUDITH RAVIN , Sun Aug 25 21:47
      DerbyDoodle from Chianna/Triton she does it also think its a doodle thing? Or a Springview specialty?
    • This makes me — Brandy Malone , Wed Aug 21 10:41
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