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Brandy Malone
I did the same thing
Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:20

hang in there! It's worth the wait!
I will never forget when we went to
pick Murphy up--Lisa opened the door
as we were walking up. She was holding
Murphy, then handed him to me and I
almost melted ;)
The process was fun, she's taught me
SO much and her passion for what she
does is evident in her babies.
The evening that we brought Murphy home,
my husband's boss called and told him
his position had been "eliminated." Not wanting
to spoil the excitement from bringing Murphy
home, he tried to keep it in but knowing
something was wrong, I kept pressing. I
will never forget what happened next. My
husband was sitting on the couch and as he
told me the news, tears started rolling down
his face. Murphy, then only 8 weeks old, went
right up to him, crawled up his chest and began
licking his tears away. We both cracked up
laughing at the totally unexpected, heart-warming
gesture and then our tears turned into those of
fear to those of joy. Murphy immediately helped
us to put things into perspective. He has a special way
of knowing when tears are really sad ones--the second
time he did that was recently, when my 9 year old
son learned his best friend, his Peepaw was diagnosed
with stage 4 cancer. Skyler was sitting on the floor,
he bent over and silently started crying. When he
sat back up, tears were rolling down his face and
then Murphy came over and did his thing--licked
away his fears and exchanged them for laughter!

My 17 year old son put it best when he said the
other day that whenever he goes to his friends
houses who have dogs--it's just not the same! He
said Murphy is like a part of our family. He also
said, "Don't be surprised when I go off to college,
when one day you will wake up and Murphy will
be gone." Lol -uhhhh I DON'T think so! ;)
I am confident our experience would not have been
the same had we not found Lisa so hang in
there!! Don't forget to post on here when you
finally get your puppy!! <3

  • Dialog about Murphy & sibsRobin, Wed Aug 21 10:27
    Brandi, Kim, everyone: I enjoy this forum so much. I learn and giggle from it. Thank you for sharing all the stories. I have been delayed in getting my Springview puppy from Lisa and all Your stories ... more
    • I did the same thing — Brandy Malone , Wed Aug 21 11:20
      • Thank you! You guys don't know how muchLisa Springview, Wed Aug 21 14:44
        it means to me to be appreciated like this with such kind words for me and my puppies. It's really hard sometimes doing what I do and sometimes I really need to hear that it matters to more than just ... more
        • You have no ideaBrandy Malone , Fri Aug 23 14:30
          how excited I am about this Facebook page and how many times I was going to offer to set one up for you ;)
      • murphy and my hoperobin in california, Wed Aug 21 11:40
        Dear Brandy: Lisa is my pick for a breeder and I am so excited and these stories keep me moving along. My dad is 88 and it's been challenging, so thanks for the wonderful stories of hope.
        • loving puppiesTula-petite(Chianna and Triton), Wed Aug 21 20:35
          Tula was born into the January litter of petites(Chianna and Triton) and weighed in at a whopping 3.6 pounds on my allocation day. Lisa opened the door to her home with Tula held in one of her hands. ... more
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