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Tula-petite(Chianna and Triton)
loving puppies
Wed Aug 21, 2013 20:35

Tula was born into the January litter of petites(Chianna and Triton) and weighed in at a whopping 3.6 pounds on
my allocation day. Lisa opened the door to her home with Tula held in one of her hands. She had me at
"hello!" Tula is now 7 months old, 14 pounds, full of love and fun...oh, so smart and cuddly. I cannot express
the love she has brought into my life, that is, whenever I can lure her away from my 82 year old Mom, who loves
her so much and requires full visitation rites!! I bless Lisa every single day for her total dedication, time, hard work and family hand- raising of her dogs. She is a one of a kind caring person and her puppies reflect the
wonderful start she and her family provide! I am working on posting pictures soon! Would love to hear about other littermates and their progress!

  • murphy and my hoperobin in california, Wed Aug 21 11:40
    Dear Brandy: Lisa is my pick for a breeder and I am so excited and these stories keep me moving along. My dad is 88 and it's been challenging, so thanks for the wonderful stories of hope.
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