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Feces Eating Continues...
Wed Sep 4, 2013 18:05

Lillian (Shasta and Bocelli - April 2013) has been eating her feces since we picked her up and it has turned into a huge problem. Is anyone else having this problem? Lisa sent out an email before we picked Lillian up saying it was common for puppies to eat there poop and that it was like "a warm chocolate chip cookie" to them but to keep it scooped and they would grow out of it... Well I scoop it immedietly after she goes but she will walk around in a circle to try and gobble it up before I can get it. I feed her three times a day and she always has food in her bowl but when she sees poop it's like she's starving. It's hard to even take her out in our fensed in yard because she always manages to go to the bathroom again when shes off leash. And last week we were in her dog training class and she was having play time with the other dogs when one of them went to the bathroom and Lillian went sprinting for it and gobbled it all up within a second.

I have spoken to the vet and have used For-Bid, CoproBan, and have also tried sprinkling hot sauce and cayenne pepper on her poop but it has not helped at all. I am desperate for help and would really appreciate any tips you may have to stop this behavior!!

Other than that she is an absoluy wonderful puppy and as sweet as can be!!

    • Eating poopCarina, Thu Sep 5 08:41
      Victoria, We have an adorable male dog from the same litter - Fonzie - and I'm happy to say that he stopped eating his poop about 1 month ago. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, so hang in... more
    • Hi Victoria, I wish I could offer different adviceLisa Springview, Wed Sep 4 20:30
      but I have never had a pup that I was not able to deter and stop from doing this. It is really more of a training issue I believe. Be very diligent and make sure you have trained her to have strong... more
      • We have an 11 month old from Pippa and Bocelli who does the same thing! I walk him and he doesn't try to eat it but if he goes off leash he will. He knows he shouldn't do it and tries to get to it... more
      • We'll give it a try!Victoria, Thu Sep 5 20:53
        Thanks Lisa, we use the clicker for training but I haven't tried it with this problem yet so hopefully that will work. I have tried training her to 'Leave It' (her poop) but have made no progress... more
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