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Eating poop
Thu Sep 5, 2013 08:41


We have an adorable male dog from the same litter - Fonzie - and I'm happy to say that he stopped eating his poop about 1 month ago. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, so hang in there! We also tried 3 different deterrents as well as hot sauce and none of it worked HUGE waste of money.
What worked for us in the end was exactly what Lisa said in her response. You have to stay diligent and train her to be able to focus on you. Its a huge commitment but eventually pays off.

This is our system: whenever the dogs need to go out back (we have a 4 year old Goldendoodle from Springview as well named Jasper) someone is always with them with a poop bag and treats in hand. As soon as Fonzie would start pooping, wed slowly start walking in his direction so that we could bend down and grab the poop before him. We also make a very annoying sound which is very hard to explain in writing but Ill try anyway. In a very nasally tone, we say en en. Kind of like no no. It has finally paid off and I can now let them out back and watch from the window. I get a huge thrill watching him poop and then walk away!

Also, our vet told us a few months ago that it was time to feed Fonzie twice a day instead of three. If you cut your feedings down to two, Lillian would not be pooping as much, which would make it a little less challenging for you. Lastly, I have a friend whose dog did the same thing and she more or less did what I did but always had her dog on a leash in the back of the house. It finally worked for her as well.

Just hang in there and make sure that whoever takes Lillian out, is going to be ready to fight her for that poop (I didnt let my 8 year old take Fonzie out because she was not going to be picking up the poop).

Good luck!!

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    • Eating poop — Carina, Thu Sep 5 08:41
    • Hi Victoria, I wish I could offer different adviceLisa Springview, Wed Sep 4 20:30
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        Thanks Lisa, we use the clicker for training but I haven't tried it with this problem yet so hopefully that will work. I have tried training her to 'Leave It' (her poop) but have made no progress... more
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