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Brittney & Greg
Update on Shasta/Bocelli Litter??
Tue Sep 24, 2013 21:11

Our little Lady is almost 7 months old (where did the time go?!) She's an adorable yet Incredibly stubborn little girl...she is one of the curlier ones from the little so we are assuming she might have gotten a little more poodle in her lol. I'd love to see pictures and get updates on the rest of the littler?!
Lady-Vet thinks she's full grown @ 23 pounds (about 10 pounds smaller than we were expecting)
Sheds a little but that could be a sign of her starting to loose her puppy coat?
Had her 1st groom about a month ago, the groomer said she will get curlier each time we groomer her, which I've seen just since the first time so we will see (we Love the apricot curls!)
Look forward to seeing and hearing updates on the rest of the litter

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