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Regina & Steve Schneider
Biscotti/Leo litter DOB 01/09/13
Wed Sep 25, 2013 23:13

 photo f6f4048f-a4b8-4b4f-b03f-16fcc97e62a1_zps20029bdb.jpg

Here is a photo of our little one, Tequila. She is an amazing dog! We couldnt be happier with her. If any of her litter mates live in the NY area, we would love to set up a reunion play date one of these days.

I believe she is sister to Harper, Toby and Penny.

    • TequilaRegina, Thu Sep 26 20:46
      Tequila looks like she weighs about 30lbs because of all the fluff, but she's only 22lbs. She loves to hike and swim. She's been such a blessing. Our kids adore her, as do we. She wore the yellow... more
    • Re: Biscotti/Leo litter DOB 01/09/13Karen (Penny's Mom), Thu Sep 26 19:18
      How adorable!She looks exactly like Penny. You can definitely tell they are siblings. How much does she weigh? Penny is only 15 lbs and I feel she is pretty much full grown. She is a wonderful girl... more
      • TequilaKatie (Penny's Human Sister), Thu Sep 26 19:26
        Tequila is precious! Which puppy was Tequila? Penny was Green collar from the same litter. Love the picture!
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