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Fri Sep 27, 2013 16:35

DerbyDoodle just got weighed and measured...a few days short of what i remember as her birthday...Jan 06(??) so @ almost 9 mo old
she is 9.3 lbs and is 20" long from nose to end of butt, and stands about 16"
she has a little curl around the face and above her eyes and on her head. The rest is kind of shaggy and straight with a semi coarse feel to it ..overall she is very smooth and soft to the touch.
We think she is perfect. Her patience is amazing! She will wait in her crate till we are ready to take her out in the a.m. No crying, barking, or whining! She will kind of whine if she has to go potty & if i miss it she stays by the door.
She went to boot camp for 2 wks and is a most obedient pooch. She is very smart..(according to the trainer) She is learning commands in 2 is Hebrew & doing quite well. Actually, better than her Doodle Dad
Everywhere we go..and she goes everywhere with me..she gets tons of attention.
We are flying back to fla next week. She has made 5 trips on planes already and hopefully this one will go as well as all the others.
Can't say enough about how terrific she is and what a great job you did, Lisa, in providing us with such an amazingly wonderful doodle!!

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