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Lisa Springview
Hi Elly, it is not uncommon for dogs to get bored with their
Mon Oct 7, 2013 09:21

food, Acana and Origen make many different varieties, I would try them before ever choosing another company. Stars are only as good as how they are rated, there are safety issues as well that cannot be starred. Just about every food out there that is "top rated" has been recalled for salmonella poisoning and then of course you have the wonderful Chinese contamination issues that had plastics and laminate board in the food that killed hundreds if not thousands of dogs. I would be pretty hard pressed to move to another company, their are good ones out there but there is a tremendous amount of homework to be done before trusting them with food. is a wonderful resource for food info. They are free but do have a subscription (very cheap) for their pet food ratings. It's worth the investment if you want to change.

  • When to change to adult foodElly Koretic/Darla, Sat Oct 5 06:55
    It's time to order more kibble...when is the appropriate time to change to adult food? Darla is 8 months old and totally not interested in her food. I have to send away for Acana and Orjen and I was... more
    • Kibble Source - Acanajashrader, Mon Oct 7 17:31 is a great sourve for Acana food. They ship from Jonestown, PA and shipping is FREE! Excellent 2-3 day service. Moxie is still happy with the kibble Lisa started her on over a... more
      • KibbleElly, Tue Oct 8 06:25
        Thanks Jim....I actually order from and it is a great source. I will take Lisa's advice and be firm with Darla and order some more Orjen. She seems to prefer that over Acana... more
    • Hi Elly, it is not uncommon for dogs to get bored with their — Lisa Springview, Mon Oct 7 09:21
      • Kibbleellykoretic/Darla, Tue Oct 8 06:28
        Thanks again Lisa, as always your words and experience are reassuring. Acana or Orjen it is! I hope you are enjoying the great Florida Fall weather as much as we are. Our morning and evening walks... more
        • Hi Elly, I am loving the weather! I am a big Lisa Springview, Tue Oct 8 13:53
          walker and now that it is not 80 degrees at 8:30 the doggies are enjoying our night time walks with me around our beautiful neighborhood. It's great for all of us!
          • Eating ellykoretic/Darla, Tue Oct 8 15:04
            Hi Lisa, I had to share this with you. I have tried several ways to encourage Darla to eat..hand feed, mix things in her food,etc...all to no I spilled some of her food on the tile..she... more
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