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Tue Oct 8, 2013 06:25

Thanks Jim....I actually order from and it is a great source. I will take Lisa's advice and be firm with Darla and order some more Orjen. She seems to prefer that over Acana because of the size of the kibble. It's good to know you can order several different kinds and not worry about making them sick. I am a typical puppy pleaser and want her to be happy when she eats.

BTW, Darla prefers to eat one meal and only in the evening. That's why I was trying to get her to eat more. I understand a dog will not starve themselves but I was wanting her to be satiated with her food.

Thanks again, I love to hear what works for other Doodle owners it really helps.


  • Kibble Source - Acanajashrader, Mon Oct 7 17:31 is a great sourve for Acana food. They ship from Jonestown, PA and shipping is FREE! Excellent 2-3 day service. Moxie is still happy with the kibble Lisa started her on over a... more
    • Kibble — Elly, Tue Oct 8 06:25
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