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NJ Springview Doodle Owners
Sat Oct 26, 2013 07:07

I am in complete agreement with anonymous regarding Lisa being an amazing breeder.

I am from NJ but live in FL now…and I would travel from NJ to get a doodle from Lisa. My Darla has been the most delightful and friendly dog I have ever encountered. She is the most popular in our complex with dogs and owners..she is so much I couldn't fit all her wonderfulness in this post. This is all thanks to Lisa and her wonderful breeding skills. You need to do your part of course…patience and consistency and love and rewards…and follow the wonderful information Lisa provides….Good luck!

  • Re: NJ Springview Doodle owners?Anonymous, Fri Oct 25 11:09
    Hello, Lisa is the most amazing breeder you can possibly find. I've met & interviewed so many breeders before I chose Lisa & trust me being a breeder with a sign of AKC merit doesn't nessearly means... more
    • NJ Springview Doodle Owners — Elly Koretic, Sat Oct 26 07:07
    • NJSharon (Oliver and Nellie), Fri Oct 25 12:52
      I wanted you to know that I purchased a pupppy named Oliver from Lisa 4 years ago and he is the sweetest, most lovable dog you could have. I went to Lisa's house to pick up my puppy and the house and ... more
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