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Jame Shraders
Excitement pee
Sat Nov 9, 2013 21:01

Moxie (Shasta/Leo) is a little over a year and has excitement pee with my wife and visitors! Is this customary for this breed? Have you experienced this before? Will it go away on its own? What techniques can I use to prevent this activity? She is adorable and very smart - lots of tricks and generally well-behaved, but this excited pee is no fun. Help and suggestions welcome!

    • Re: Excitement peeS.R, Mon Nov 11 17:02
      Hello, It has nothing to do with the breed of dog. Some dogs get more excited than others and they pee, it goes away as they get older. If you know when your dog get excited you can easily prevent it ... more
      • S R. Please call me (nm)Lisa. Springview, Tue Nov 12 08:21
      • Excitement peeellykoretic/Darla, Tue Nov 12 06:12
        My Darla (Aspen/Triton) is 9 months old and this has happened to her a few times. The advice from S.R. is spot on! I follow those exact rules and she has not had excitement pee since. I inform my... more
    • PeeSandy, Sun Nov 10 09:13
      When someone enters the house or room with lots of excitement and a high pitch voice, your pup will happy pee. This was happening all the time whenever my son walked into the house. Now when he comes ... more
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