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Roger Tollefsen
Tue Jan 7, 2014 16:28

He just turned 4 months yesterday. He is as cute as a button, everything I hear about Goldendoodles are how sweet and loving they are, I cant wait until tjhat time, I think he has the Devil in him at times, but we still love him.

    • LexiLexi, Sun Jan 19 17:54
      Hi to you and Bear. We have Lexi (pink girl) from Thalia and Leo's litter born Sept. 6, 2013. Is Bear from that litter? If so I would love to compare notes on training, weight, etc. Please let me... more
      • Pictures please!Teresa, Mon Jun 2 19:33
        I'm considering adopting a mini from Thalia and Leo. I would be most grateful if you would share some pictures of Lexi. How big is she? Thx in advance!
      • Lexi and BearAnonymous, Mon Jan 20 07:20
        Hi Barbara,. Bear is from the same litter, he also is a very good eater and eats Alcana last time we went to the vet about 2 weeks ago he weighd 18/lbs. He is very active and has a bit of the Devil... more
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