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Brittney Dickson
Update on Shasta & Bocelli's Litter?
Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:32

Our little Lady is almost 11 months old (where did the time go?!) She's an adorable yet Incredibly stubborn little girl, and just the sweetest love bug (we call her our Lady bug)...she is one of the curlier ones from the little so we are assuming she might have gotten a little more poodle in her lol. I'd love to see pictures and get updates on the rest of the littler?!
Lady-Vet at 7months the vet thought she was full grown at 27pounds but now she is a whopping 37 pounds :)
She is also incredible smart and enjoys puppy puzzles and new training tricks, which is so fun for us!

Sheds a little but that could be a sign of her starting to loose her puppy coat?
She also is very low maintenance as far as grooming, we take her every month 1/2 or so and she has only ever had 2 mats. I only brush her a couple times month and so far I've been pleasantly surprised, after reading everything I thought we were going to be in for a very high maintenance breed as far as grooming goes(we just Love the apricot curls!)

Look forward to seeing and hearing updates on the rest of the litter

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