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Seasonal Allergies
Fri Apr 11, 2014 06:42

I suggest you go to a website named :
You will find a lot of info there.

Good luck!


  • AllergiesSharon P, Thu Apr 10 10:02
    Anyone have suggestions for itching and scratching. I believe it's seasonal allergies because there are no fleas. thanks in advance
    • allergiesLisa Springview, Fri Apr 11 09:07
      You can use Benedryl just like you can with humans, not sure about Claritin. Speak with your vet on this and appropriate dosages. Join us on FB Sharon! We are under Springview Families. Lisa
      • Springview FamiliesSharon P, Sun Apr 13 17:00
        Hi Lisa-thanks, I am waiting to be added to the group.
    • Seasonal Allergies — ellykoretic/Darla, Fri Apr 11 06:42
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