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Kathy Savitt
Edie (DOB 4/26/13)
Sun Nov 30, 2014 00:45

Edie is the best girl! She is 14 pounds and has an amazing personality and is the sweetest dog ever. She's loving life here in Woodside California (SF bay peninsula area). Anyone nearby?

  • Pippa/Bocelli April 26, 2013 DOBBecky, Mon Oct 7 21:31
    Hi there just putting this out there to see if any other parents from the above litter check in on here. Stella (green) is our puppy and is doing AMAZING! She has been such a great addition to our... more
    • Edie (DOB 4/26/13) — Kathy Savitt, Sun Nov 30 00:45
    • Hi Becky, Pippa's litters will average 20-35 poundsLisa Springview, Tue Oct 8 13:51
      and Stella will fall somewhere in that range, at five months old it is a bit hard to tell exactly where, but she should slow down after 6 mos and be about 85% of her final weight by 8 mos of age. As... more
      • StellaBecky, Tue Oct 8 20:48
        Lisa thank you soooo much! We are only feeding her Zukes training treats and they are super tiny and she gets only one every time she goes outside (and not even everytime). I know she was the largest ... more
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