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Soapy in Arizona
Sun Jun 6, 2010 8:40pm

Yes, there are several known times Soapy was known to go through Arizona other than the time in Phoenix. I am betting there are more to be found as well.

The Tombstone Daily Epitaph lists Soapy at the Cosmopolitan hotel on January 26-31, 1882 and again on February 16, 1882.

A notebook in my cousin possession shows that he was in Tombstone in 1883 again as well.

My blog has two articles on Soapy's Tombstone visits HERE and HERE.

Jeff Smith

  • BDe'de' Meyer, Sun Jun 6 6:59pm
    Hey Jeff Have you heard of perhaps any other time Soapy spent in Arizona? I know a lot about various parts of interesting thing: Have you heard of Buckey O'Neill? William Owen... more
    • Opps...Jeff Smith, Sun Jun 6 8:50pm
      I forgot to answer your question regarding Buckey O'Neill? or William Owen O'Neill. Sorry, they do not appear in my files. Jeff Smith
    • Soapy in Arizona — Jeff Smith, Sun Jun 6 8:40pm
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