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Cathy Spude
Skagway Townsite Files
Tue Nov 8, 2011 10:30am


As the Skagway Townsite Files are voluminous and difficult to find and wade through, and as I am transcribing some of them for my Tanner project, I decided to start publishing some of the more important pieces on my website. If you or anyone else wants to peruse them from time to time, you can go to They will provide valuable additional context for Skagway politics from 1896 - 1912.

As most of the files were typed, I will scan into Rich Text files, edit for scanning errors, and then put into PDF files for the transfer to the web site. These are from the National Archives, so they don't require extensive permissions and paying of fees like other archives do.

The few hand-written documents may have to be transcribed. I'll see if they can be uploaded as a JPG file in a readable format or not.


    • Thank you. (nm)Jeff Smith, Sat Nov 12 10:17am
      • George RiceCathy Spud, Sun Nov 13 10:39am
        I just came across this passage as I was editing the William Bigelow testimony of April 1, 1898: Q. You stated that you went over to Skaguay on the 27th of June with some pack horses, where from? A.... more
        • Pure opinionJeff Smith, Mon Nov 14 8:42am
          Of course you have every right to your own ideas and thoughts Cathy. I do find it amazing how much you seem to gather by reading between the lines without any hints. You wrote, "It would have been... more
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