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"Imagined history can be more persuasive than fact."
Fri Nov 11, 2011 5:17pm

Cathy, you quoted me.

"I'd rather be found wrong and learn the truth than think I'm right and never know." óJeff Smith

and then write,

"The only version of the truth that any Jeff Smith will accept is the one he believes in. Good thing there's plenty of other people out there with truly open minds."

Well, yes, as a matter of fact after doing the research I do tend to examine the different stories, comparing the facts and eventually accept the most worthy history that is backed up with accountable facts. Those histories with two possible versions are always accounted for by me. However, I believe I do get the point you were TRYING to make. I found it odd that you would publish my great quote and then state (from what I could gather) that I only accept the truths I want to accept. Naturally I beg to differ. In fact, there are numerous incidences on my history blog and in my book in which I examine several sides of an issue and end up publishing all sides so that the reader can come to their own conclusion as to what the truth may be.

In my book I clearly separate the facts from my personal ideas, thoughts and theories, making sure the reader has no problem distinguishing them apart. On the other hand, I have noticed that you tend to mix fact and opinion together confusing your reader into falsely accepting your own opinion as recorded factual history. Thus far I have found that you have a tendency to make things turn out the way you want them, not necessarily as they are. You find ways of making the evidence tell you what you want it to mean. I hope your book is an exception of this practice.

Jeff Smith

  • "Truth"Cathy Spude, Fri Nov 11 10:02am
    The truth... "I'd rather be found wrong and learn the truth than think I'm right and never know." óJeff Smith I guess I truly am dense and only now just beginning to "get" it. The only version of the ... more
    • "Imagined history can be more persuasive than fact." — Jeff Smith, Fri Nov 11 5:17pm
      • Nature of TruthCathy Spude, Sat Nov 12 9:16am
        LOL! And here I thought that was exactly what I was doing! Stating both sides of the story, my opinion and letting people make up their own minds! When I do it, you accuse me "hav[ing] a tendency to... more
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