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Cathy Spude
Nature of Truth
Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:16am


And here I thought that was exactly what I was doing! Stating both sides of the story, my opinion and letting people make up their own minds! When I do it, you accuse me "hav[ing] a tendency to make things turn out the way you want them, not necessarily as they are. You find ways of making the evidence tell you what you want it to mean." When you do it, it is "a matter of fact after doing the research I do tend to examine the different stories, comparing the facts and eventually accept the most worthy history that is backed up with accountable facts. Those histories with two possible versions are always accounted for by me." A rose by any other name ...

I will find it interesting to see how much effort you take next fall to quote extensive passages of my book and rebut them, out of context, twist them around, and find ways of making them mean what you want them mean. Its going to be quite humorous.

Of course, I will start my own blog by that time.


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