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Thank you. (nm)
Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:17am

  • Skagway Townsite FilesCathy Spude, Tue Nov 8 10:30am
    Jeff: As the Skagway Townsite Files are voluminous and difficult to find and wade through, and as I am transcribing some of them for my Tanner project, I decided to start publishing some of the more... more
    • Thank you. (nm) — Jeff Smith, Sat Nov 12 10:17am
      • George RiceCathy Spud, Sun Nov 13 10:39am
        I just came across this passage as I was editing the William Bigelow testimony of April 1, 1898: Q. You stated that you went over to Skaguay on the 27th of June with some pack horses, where from? A.... more
        • Pure opinionJeff Smith, Mon Nov 14 8:42am
          Of course you have every right to your own ideas and thoughts Cathy. I do find it amazing how much you seem to gather by reading between the lines without any hints. You wrote, "It would have been... more
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