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Pure opinion
Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:42am

Of course you have every right to your own ideas and thoughts Cathy. I do find it amazing how much you seem to gather by reading between the lines without any hints.

You wrote,

"It would have been difficult for Smith to compete on an equal footing with men like Clancy and Rice with their upscale gambling halls, opera houses and saloons. I believe that is why he kept to working the con games on the street corners and trails (an area in which Clancy and Rice did not want to venture) and did not open a very small "snug, cozy" saloon until mid-May, and that with the Clancy Brother's permission. Rev. Sinclair states that when he first saw Soapy, the man spent most of his time hanging around street corners."

Cathy, have you seen photos of Skagway in its earliest days? Upscale hardly seems the appropriate word. Once again I will say that even though you claim to have read my book you have completely failed to grasp the scope of his methods. Skagway was a pushover for his plans of operation and empire and fell right into his grasp. Jeff Smith's Parlor was the "candle on the cake," opened in May 1898, after having fully set up his empire.

Jeff Smith

  • George RiceCathy Spud, Sun Nov 13 10:39am
    I just came across this passage as I was editing the William Bigelow testimony of April 1, 1898: Q. You stated that you went over to Skaguay on the 27th of June with some pack horses, where from? A.... more
    • Pure opinion — Jeff Smith, Mon Nov 14 8:42am
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