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Your thought
Sat May 26, 2012 12:30pm

Hello, Martha.

This discussion forum is for the sharing and discussion of information. Anytime I can I am willing to share what I know for the benefit of all.

It sounds like you are asking for a book on little-known old west gamblers? Most books I know of contain information on the more well-known gambler's, however, many books, including mine, will included associates of those better known gambler's. Sometimes, digging around into the lives of those associates uncovers the history of a very interesting gambler who for what-ever reason missed out on becoming famous, but should be. Again, I will push my book your way as I do have a "rogues history gallery" of very interesting, but little known, gambler's (mostly cheats) who worked for and with Soapy.

You can read more about (and order) my book, Alias Soapy Smith: The Life and Death of a Scoundrel HERE

Jeff Smith

  • GamblersMartha Fanning, Fri May 25 4:08pm
    Jeff, not to ask you for research you don't need to share, but I have a thought on the brain about little known Old West gamblers. Do you know of any such book out there? Thanks, Martha
    • Martha Fanningcurlybill, Wed Jul 23 12:15am
      If You READ THIS SMOKE,,,,Go To B.J,s curlybill gallery of gunfighters,Capnkado,,Fishing/Vessel Carilyn"M".god bless you if you are safe.capn,,out.
      • Martha Fanning,To My Best Deckhand,,!!curlybill/capnkado, Tue Aug 11 10:43pm
        My Dear Martha ,I had nothing much to do and up came the soapy smith forum,and your name poped up,!God Bless you Love,We are still chaseing fish,My youngest son is captain now,We moved our operations ... more
    • Your thought — Jeff Smith, Sat May 26 12:30pm
      • YESMartha Fanning, Sat May 26 4:38pm
        Yes, that's the thought rambling around in my head. Who were the lesser-known gamblers, who were gambling at the same time as the better known gamblers in the Old West? I'd love to have your book,... more
        • Small question with vast answerJeff Smith, Sat May 26 6:01pm
          Hi, Martha. There were many many gamblers in every state and territory in the U.S. P. T. Barnum's famous quote about a "sucker born every minute" is often misquoted as most people do not understand... more
          • Thanks, Jeff. I'm impressed.Martha Fanning, Sat May 26 9:13pm
            Very interesting, & thank you for this: "If you really want to know them all you will need to read the old newspapers, literally page by page. I suggest specializing in a particular area or state, as ... more
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