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Cathy Spude
New Soapy Book
Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:58am

My book by the University of Oklahoma Press, THAT FIEND IN HELL: SOAPY SMITH IN LEGEND, will be released on October 3. I have reviewed the galley proofs and am very pleased with what they are doing. Advanced reviews are enthusiastic. While you will not agree with everything I have to say, Jeff, I hope you agree with me when I conclude that Soapy was worthy of American Hero status.

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    • "American hero status?"Jeff Smith, Mon Jun 11 2:26pm
      Cathy, I thank you for thinking so highly of Soapy, but I have to ask, how do you figure Soapy was an American hero? I will certainly agree that Soapy was very well known, well before he reached... more
      • Answers to questions ... Cathy Spude, Tue Jun 12 7:42pm
        are in THAT FIEND IN HELL. Thanks for asking. And yes, I address Wyatt Earp in my book as well. Cathy
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