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Here's my guess...
Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:16pm

Not sure if we will hear from Mr. Lee again, so I thought I'd better let everyone know that the information about the Dr. Ira Ellis Smith house has been documented for many many years. It is not recorded on any state or county historic site records that I ever heard of.

Here's what I believe may have confused Mr. Lee; When I went back to Coweta County to see the old house, our "tour guide," the vice-president of the historical society, also showed us another home, an exact model of the Dr. Ira Ellis Smith house, but this other one had been nicely restored. I do have some photographs of that house, clearly marked as not being the Smith house, but of the same exact model. I believe Mr. Lee thought I was calling the example house, the Smith house.

Jeff Smith

  • Mr. Lee..Jeff Smith, Tue Nov 13 9:57pm
    Can you link where you saw the photograph? I don't recall having any photographs of the Dr. Ira Ellis Smith house on my main website. Could you mean my blog? or one of my other sites? The photos I... more
    • Here's my guess... — Jeff Smith, Thu Nov 15 1:16pm
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