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Cathy Spude
The photo.
Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:45am

Thank you, Jeff.

And the carriage in front of Soapy and the pack train?


  • The photo.Jeff Smith, Sat Nov 24 11:31am
    Thank you, Cathy. The photograph (KLGO-00532) is not the "return trip" south down Broadway, it is the first run through. The return trip most likely turned around and went north-bound. Jeff Smith
    • The photo. — Cathy Spude, Sun Nov 25 9:45am
      • What about it? (nm)Jeff Smith, Sun Nov 25 11:16am
        • July 4 ParadeCathy Spude, Sun Nov 25 2:17pm
          Are you saying that coach is NOT part of the parade?
          • Cathy, you are confused...Jeff Smith, Sun Nov 25 2:31pm
            I never said that coach was not a part of the parade. Read the article again. Again, that photograph showing Soapy in the parade was taken as the parade made its FIRST trek down (south-bound)... more
            • July 4 ParadeCathy Spude, Mon Nov 26 10:16am
              Ahhh, now I think I understand your scenario. You imagine the parade starting at the NORTH end of Broadway, proceeding south to the waterfront, and intending to end in front of city hall, but instead ... more
              • Re: July 4 ParadeJeff Smith, Mon Nov 26 12:56pm
                Cathy, there are few accounts of the actual parade. E. J. "Stroller" White states, " ... it was clear where the parade was to start" ( Stroller White p.47) Looking at the photographs of the parade,... more
                • Parade RouteCathy Spude, Mon Nov 26 4:26pm
                  Yes, Jeff. Thank you for clarifying. The PATRIOTIC DAY parade was on May 1. I am pleased to see that you are entertaining the idea that there may have been a Decoration Day Parade on May 30. I am... more
                  • Re: Parade RouteJeff Smith, Tue Nov 27 11:05am
                    As you probably know by now I invited others to participate in this discussion. Due to the lack of provenance we can not possibly come up with one single documented version of the July 4 parade.... more
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