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Jeff Brady
Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:42pm

All assumptions since the historic record is unclear and Stroller's account in "Smith's Alaska Guards" is a recollection many years later and appears to describe the evening patriotic parade in May. All we have is a 4th of July program that was published July 1. I think the theory that Soapy rode up and down the 4th of July parade is manifested by this new photo evidence. Ma Pullen may have been right about that one! He could have led it too, at least for a time, while making his rounds up and down the route. Also, all of the parade marshals may have been welcome on the podium, which puts the Governor in close proximity to Soapy and the opportunity for them to have the conversation that Hugh Brady described in his July 4, 1980 interview with me that will be published in Skagway: City of the New Century- Jeff Brady

    • AssumptionCathy Spude, Tue Nov 27 8:39am
      Hi Jeff! I'm looking forward to seeing SKAGWAY: CITY OF THE NEW CENTURY. Can hardly wait! I, like you, am quite sure that all four of the parade division marshals, which would include Soapy, would... more
      • Soapy behind a carriage.Jeff Smith, Tue Nov 27 9:12am
        Cathy, no one today is saying Soapy started out as "grand marshal." No one today is saying he was later officially made "grand marshal." However, some people (myself included) believe that in some... more
    • ...and you know what happens when you assume!Jeff Smith, Mon Nov 26 1:03pm
      You are very correct Jeff, we can only guess at this point in time. No one can say for certain whether Soapy did, or did not, lead the July 4 parade of 1898. We can only hope that one day some... more
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