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Cathy Spude
Parade Route
Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:26pm

Yes, Jeff. Thank you for clarifying. The PATRIOTIC DAY parade was on May 1. I am pleased to see that you are entertaining the idea that there may have been a Decoration Day Parade on May 30. I am likewise willing to concede that there may NOT have been a parade that day, and that discussion can be visited in the future.

Thank you also for pointing out Stroller White's quote about the July Fourth Parade. My copy says "it was NOT clear where the parade was to start." (I have added the emphasis).

I used the May 1 parade description as a model only to show how I thought the MERCHANTS were thinking at the time, and because I believe the Clallum Historical Society shows the beginning line-up of that parade. If that parade had gone as scheduled, I believe it would have gone west on Fifth to Main, north to Sixth, then east on Sixth and then south on Broadway to the point of beginning at Fifth and Broadway. That would have taken that parade through all of the important business portion of town.

I believe the Fourth of July Parade was planned to do the same thing, and that the merchants put Soapy at the end (the Fourth Division) so that if he did another split-off like he did on May 1, it wouldn't matter so much. They would stick to their plan, and not go chasing him up to the red light district, a part of town that the merchants would like to keep their wives and children away from. (My upcoming book on vice and reform in Skagway will show that even at that early date, Seventh Avenue had plenty of brothels on it).

Stroller White recalls, on p. 47, four or five separate parades, I believe, for comic effect. But he may indeed be telling us something that we should take into consideration. Maybe Soapy did, once again, break off and miss Fifth Avenue, and go straight to Sixth. People who were on Sixth may remember the Fourth Division being the entire parade, or leading the parade.

Could Soapy and the Fourth met the rest of the parade at Sixth and Main, then turned around and headed back east on Sixth, to Broadway? That way, he would have paraded along Sixth Avenue, his haunts, as well as Broadway twice, but skipped Fifth. The merchants would have paraded down Fifth, up Main (or State, if you prefer) then up Sixth, and then down Broadway.

Now, that scenario I might be willing to accept. I will give it some thought.

As for Harriet Pullen's testimony, please review what I have to say about her reliability as an eyewitness.


  • Re: July 4 ParadeJeff Smith, Mon Nov 26 12:56pm
    Cathy, there are few accounts of the actual parade. E. J. "Stroller" White states, " ... it was clear where the parade was to start" ( Stroller White p.47) Looking at the photographs of the parade,... more
    • Parade Route — Cathy Spude, Mon Nov 26 4:26pm
      • Re: Parade RouteJeff Smith, Tue Nov 27 11:05am
        As you probably know by now I invited others to participate in this discussion. Due to the lack of provenance we can not possibly come up with one single documented version of the July 4 parade.... more
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