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Soapy behind a carriage.
Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:12am

Cathy, no one today is saying Soapy started out as "grand marshal." No one today is saying he was later officially made "grand marshal." However, some people (myself included) believe that in some manner, probably by turning the parade around, Soapy made his way to the front of the parade making a big scene so that those watching the parade remember him as the "grand marshal."

Both of us can only guess at this time WHEN that photograph was taken on July 4. I believe that the photo was snapped during the first run-through of the parade. You believe differently.

Jeff Smith

  • AssumptionCathy Spude, Tue Nov 27 8:39am
    Hi Jeff! I'm looking forward to seeing SKAGWAY: CITY OF THE NEW CENTURY. Can hardly wait! I, like you, am quite sure that all four of the parade division marshals, which would include Soapy, would... more
    • Soapy behind a carriage. — Jeff Smith, Tue Nov 27 9:12am
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