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Re: Parade Route
Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:05am

As you probably know by now I invited others to participate in this discussion. Due to the lack of provenance we can not possibly come up with one single documented version of the July 4 parade. However, between the two of us, and whoever else might join in, we can come up with at least a couple of logical versions of what may have occurred that day.

I wish to ask that you not call May 1 “Patriotic Day,” as I found no reference to it being called that, and it is too close to Patriot Day (9/11) and it is confusing. Let’s keep to dates so there is no mix-ups. Thank you. Also, just a reminder to be careful about assuming in regards to the May 1 parade and other topics. For instance, you have Soapy turning one direction and the “businessmen” turning another. Nothing is noted of the “businessmen” and which way they turned.

Soapy could have branched off from the main July 4 parade, we don’t know for certain. It is probable that all sections, whether just one, or several, ended up down by the wharves where the stage was. I believe that the reason we do not have any photographs of Soapy in the lead of the parade is because the photographers were set up along the original proposed route, Broadway being one of them, and once the parade passed by, the photographers probably began heading down to the stage for more photographs, not knowing that the parade continued on, perhaps in the opposite direction, etc., which also may explain why there are photographs of floats and people on several streets, including State. All we have at this time are the photographs, a few descriptions, and witnesses who mostly claim Soapy was at the lead of the July 4 parade, with not a single one (that has surfaced) saying he was at the end.

Jeff Smith

  • Parade RouteCathy Spude, Mon Nov 26 4:26pm
    Yes, Jeff. Thank you for clarifying. The PATRIOTIC DAY parade was on May 1. I am pleased to see that you are entertaining the idea that there may have been a Decoration Day Parade on May 30. I am... more
    • Re: Parade Route — Jeff Smith, Tue Nov 27 11:05am
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