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New blog examining THAT FIEND IN HELL
Sun Dec 9, 2012 7:59pm

Cathy Spude's new book "That Fiend in Hell:" Soapy Smith in Legend is pretty controversial. Basically, the book's conclusion makes Soapy appear to be little more than a small-time, unknown criminal whose history is barely worth historical study.

I created a blog with the sole purpose of examining the historical facts and theories contained within. As of this publication I have written five posts on the blog, with a lot more to go. It is taking some much needed time because I have to (re)research all the pertinent information which has proved to be quite pleasurable, simply because I am now looking through the same old history, but through another person's eyes. I am doing my level best to keep the posts related to the facts without getting into any personal issues and battles like you see posted here on this discussion forum between her and me.

You will find it at the following link

Jeff Smith

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