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Bob Rybolt
Doc Baggs
Wed May 15, 2013 7:37am

Soapy took over from chales L. "Doc" Baggs, in Denver. The 1880 Colorado census listed charles L. Baggs as living in Araphoe County with his wife Carrie, born in NY and occupation as farmer. It also states he was a farmer.

It has also been state Baggs' father was Charles S. Bagg (singular). Bagg was living in Freeport, IL 1860-1864 and variousy listed as farmer, lawyer and post master. there is no mention of his family anywhere. Interestingly, a Baggs and soapy smith associated, Frank Tarbox (Tarbeaux) was born and raised in Freeport (be careful of Frank's autobiography).

Bagg moved to Montana territory where he became a legislator and was recorded on the Deer Lodge 1880 Census as a miner (no family). He disapppears until his death August 11, 1892 and burial in Los angeles National Cemetery by virtue of service in the Mexican War.

Could it be that Chgarles Bagg and Charles Baggs are indeed the same man?

    • Re: Doc BaggsJeff Smith, Mon May 20 7:43am
      Hello, Bob. Thank you for posting. Soapy Smith and Charles Baggs were two different types of confidence men. Baggs went after the one big single haul while Smith went after the numerous smaller... more
      • Doc BaggsBob Rybolt, Mon May 20 12:15pm
        As near as I can figure Chales Stanley Bagg was born in 1816 at either Sotos or Sotos Point, NY (both were shaker colonies. I'm certian he was a Montana legislator (and lawyer) our of Deer Lodge and... more
        • Thank you! As a hardcore historian I ...Jeff Smith, Mon May 20 3:58pm
          Thank you very much Bob! As a hardcore historian I would love to see all your information. I have all the faith in the world in your skills, however, anyone can be easily led in the wrong direction... more
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