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Martha Fanning,To My Best Deckhand,,!!
Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:43pm

My Dear Martha ,I had nothing much to do and up came the soapy smith forum,and your name poped up,!God Bless you Love,We are still chaseing fish,My youngest son is captain now,We moved our operations 7mils from the portland oregon airport in the columbia river basin oregon state,I am so glad you are safe and sound,Geeezzee's we had some good old raggin secions,KTK I Ran Into Him Some Time Passssseed,! He Mentioned They Took The Plaque off the wall in,the hall in tombstone,!the one says we were the only group to ever first time to do the ok corral at the day and one hour after the origional time of the event at the ok corral,If you visit tombstone you find it you can have it I am the one that made it for that day of the event,!We gave it to ben traywick that is how it got in sheflin hall.My son gary Jr is captain now We are parteners ,,I just pay the bill's,I So Hope God Has Bin Good To You,!!I would have coffee with you any where in the world ,Allway,s will.It all went so fast love,Happytrails to all your family,Curlybill Gallery of Gunfighters,16yrs,Captain G Moscato Sr,,Bless you,!!,Captain,,out.. The Fishing Vessel Carilyn"M" and chasen..

  • Martha Fanningcurlybill, Wed Jul 23 12:15am
    If You READ THIS SMOKE,,,,Go To B.J,s curlybill gallery of gunfighters,Capnkado,,Fishing/Vessel Carilyn"M".god bless you if you are safe.capn,,out.
    • Martha Fanning,To My Best Deckhand,,!! — curlybill/capnkado, Tue Aug 11 10:43pm
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