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Leslie Brewster
Who was ALEXANDER BREWSTER 1845 that fathered Tobe
Sat Sep 19, 2015 01:11

Re TOBE BREWSTER son of Alexander Brewster

I am the great grand- daughter of TOBE Brewster and Regina Mayfield of Lincoln Parish. He had three brothers: Futch, Cosmo, and William. I know Futch's family, have communicated with Cosmo's grand-daughter, but know nothing at all about William.

His parents are listed as Alexander Brewster and Fanny M****G.
Roy Brewster, of Many was his son and my grand-father.
Roy married Ivy Mae Emerson daughter of Jake Emerson and Sydney Tyson or Warren

Re Alexander Brewster 1845
Records seem to suggest that Alexander and Fanny were colored but I was told TOBE and his brothers were all mulatto. I was also told Alexander was Scottish but my DNA showed no Scottish ancestry or even Irish although one of my cousins shows Irish blood. (Still waiting on DNA from my brother.) Some elders seem to think he was not a Brewster but married a Brewster female. I contacted a chursh that known Brewsters were buried in but came up with little or nothing.

Re paternal Grandmother Regina Mayfield.
Through Ancestry DNA, I have connected to many Mayfields as she is a direct relation to Archibald Mayfield. Would like to know who her mother was.

Hope this is enough information.

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