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Yossi Gremillion
Descendants of Joseph Whitney/Isabelle Delphine Gremillion
Thu Mar 23, 2017 17:40

I am the grandson of Joseph Whitney and Isabelle Delphine Gremillion. My father Jude (Pat) and his twin brother, Vilge (Pete) were their youngest children (twins). Looking for cousins and other relations. I believe that Jeanette was the last surviving sibling and just passed.

Joseph A. Gremillion

    • Gremillion FamilyJames Gremillion, Fri Mar 2 11:32
      Hi. I am James Gremillion (Jim) son of Andre Louis Gremillion the brother of Jude & Vilge Gremillion. I have four siblings one of whom passed last year. My sister and I try to keep the genealogy for... more
      • CousinsJoseph Gremillion, Wed Mar 21 15:34
        Hi, James: Thank you for your reply. I met your sister, Janie and her family and I am now Facebook friends with both she and your sister, Penny. Will you all share any information that you find? I... more
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