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One of the issues she speaks of ...
Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:36am

This will be a long post and I apologize. To get the whole story out, I must tell it all.

I was cruising the internet and saw this board about Betsy Ashby. I have applied for membership to Indianz.com in order to clarify some things she is saying there. I would like to post my intended post here for many of you to read. I refuse to go to the blue board anymore since it has actually caused a virus on my computer but here is my response to her accusations of a certain family she is trashing online. You will see this on Indianz.com as soon as I can get approval for membership. Feel free to copy and paste this and pass it on. This is concerning the Diamond Brown issue. Betsy has only made this issue worse and never has let it heal. Both families need healing and as the old story goes there are two sides to every story. She is trashing a family in Cherokee that needs more love and prayers now than they do the trash she is spreading and so it is time that it was put to a halt. I am here with another side of the story and if you are willing to listen, here it is. All names and facts are easy verifiable so any of you who would like to do some checking up on what I am saying, please, I beg you, do it. You will then see Betsy Ashby as the liar she is.

"I have never been one to sign up for message boards, I just do not like them and I think that they are tacky and to much is spread about to many people just like in this posting. I wanted to sign up for this one only to make the comments I am about to make. It is things like those that are being spread by Betsy Ashby that get out of control and get twisted that hurt good people. It seems that she takes some of what she finds to be true and turns it completely around. What I am reading here is hurtful not only to me but to others who are innocent. There are three sides to every story as the old saying goes. His, hers, and the truth but I believe that we all should have our say. I am sure that Ms. Ashby is going to get on here and slam me for what I am about to say and I could really care less but I want to straighten some facts out that she seems to have wrong because I am aware of this situation and I know the people she is talking about on a personal level.

Ms. Ashby has stated that the identity of Diamond Brown Jr. has been stolen. The ONLY thing that she says that may be credible about this is the fact that she walked into Runningbears Den and they stated it to her. Why? Because it can not be disproven. The rest of her site can be. PLEASE take a look at the site she has about Faux Indians. Look at each and every piece of evidence she is giving you that Diamond Brown Jr's name has been stolen. IF you look at every post there, you will see that ANYTHING written by the people at Runningbears Den has been signed Diamond Yonvadisi. Never once has it said Diamond Brown. Look at the profiles that have been posted that they filled out. Does it say, my name is Diamond Brown Jr, I am in my 50's, I have 4 daughters, a wife named Sandy and so on??? NOT ONCE why because Diamond Yonvadisi is in his 70's with a wife who is not named Sandy and one biological son and several grand children. You will see that he has posted all of that because yes, it is true. Now, there are pictures of Diamond Brown Jr. on the site that Betsy has and I agree that is him. I know him so yes, those are his pictures. All of the pictures you see posted off of other sites that were NOT made by Diamond Yonvadisi, in fact they were made by people who Betsy clearly names on her site. Are they real sites or something Betsy made up on a server she got for a few months to take screen shots of? We don't know and never will. MOST of them no longer exisit if you click on the link. Because Diamond Yonvadisi shares the same FIRST name of Diamond Brown, is he not allowed to use it? Is it a trademarked first name? Look through the site and show me one instance that Mr.Yonvadisi used the name Diamond Brown. Mr. Yonvadisi is a very sick ELDERLY gentleman and is in a convelesant home in Ga. His name is being trashed here. Way to go Betsy! This is only my first example of how she only got PART of the story correct. The sad part of all of this is that some very personal things must be brought up in order to tell the whole story and with the permission of the family, I am doing just that. They are tired of it and they just want to be left alone. Funny part is, you do not see Diamond Brown and his family putting all of this trash out there, you see it being done by Betsy Ashby. If you search the internet the ONLY negative posts you will get about this family is from one individual, Betsy Ashby. Google their name and then google Betsy Ashby's. You will see a huge difference. Betsy even posted the link to a private journal this elderly man was keeping online. It was his thoughts and feelings about his health issues. She did this to humilate him and well, this was one of the few ways he had to vent his feelings of what was going on with him. Due to her disrespect of this man and her web site trying to "out" him, well needless to say, he deleted his journal. His friends and family used that as a way to keep up with what was going on with him and how he was doing. We could leave him messages of encouragement and he wrote there as Dimond YONVADISI a 70 some year old man who needed to vent his feelings of his condition. Thanks again Betsy for that.

Mickey and her family are good friends of mine. I have known them for quite a while. Mickey has a wonderful story. When I first met her she was a healthy and vibrant young lady. She is the grandchild of Diamond Yonvadisi. She has all rights to be proud, Diamond is a wonderful individual and all who know him, will back me up on this. Mickey helped her grandfather run their shop Runningbears Den. Mr. Yonvadisi's name translates literally to the word Runningbear. He had all rights to use the name since legally, it is his last name. In fact, when Betsy had the Swain County Sheriffs Dept. investigate Runningbears Den, they closed the case immediately because the business license stated that Diamond YONVADISI owned it. There was nothing more to investigate, it was a case of two men sharing the same name. There was no evidence in the least that Diamond Brown Jr's name or likeness had been used in any way, shape or form other than print offs from the computer that Betsy Ashby had given them. Case closed, no further investigation. Had there been 1 piece of evidence against these people they would have went to jail. Anyone can be accused of anything and the police must investigate however, it does not make it true. Mickey continued running the shop long after Mr. Yonvadisi was sick, she did so because her grandfather did not want to close the shop. The shop carried items made from the Eastern Band of Cherokees and all items were named with the individual who made them. The shop was well known for buying crafts from enrolled members. They went to powwows and sold those crafts, is it against the law?? In fact, many times they were LOSING money because they did not sell the made in china JUNK that others had. They had the real deal and well, the price was more expensive on it and it got really hard to compete with those who were at the powwows selling the cheap imports. Due to financial stress on the family, the physical store closed yet the site remained online. It was there until about a week ago when it finally closed for good why? Because Mickey's health has gone down.

Mickey has just had surgery recently at Harris Regional medical center, she had a PICC line put in her chest so that they can stop blowing her veins in the hospital. She is in way to much and it is getting harder and harder for them to find veins that they can actually hit. I am not going to go into all of her health issues but I will say this, she has a deteriorating muscle disease that will slowly cause death. She is currently wearing leg braces and walks with them most of the time. She is on home health and has so many mobility issues that she is now getting to where she uses an electric chair to get around in. Before she got in this shape she did so much work for the elders of Tsali Care. Mickey was the very reason that the Adopt An Elder program got started. She has volunteered at that Nursing Home almost since the beginning and has asked for nothing in return. She has given her time and efforts to the elders there and still continues to do so as her health permits. There has been no notaritiy there and none asked for. It has been a labor of love. There were however some elders that gave her something many years back. They gave her the honor of being able to do the grass dance. It was gifted to her long before she got sick. She never understood why it happened but those who gave it to her told her that she would one day need it. Well, their words were correct. The grass dance has many stories that go with it and one of those happens to be the story of a crippled child, one who this dance brought back to walking again. How ironic huh?

This past Summer Mickey and Robert Roach were working at Ghost Town. Mickey started off working in the craft booth, her health was not great, she wore her braces to help her work in and she did what she could. One day the grass dancer did not show up and they needed a grass dancer. Because Mr. Bird knew of the story of Mickey being gifted the grass dance by some of the elders in Cherokee, he asked her to fill in that day. She was nervous but she borrowed his regalia and did so. There are few women grass dancers but there are some and when it is given by an elder, then who are we to say it is wrong??? Mickey did the grass dance that day for small crowds at Ghost Town. Funny thing is, it started something there. People there would see her in the leg braces and see her dancing and then it would amaze them as they were told the story. People came from all over to see this and many wrote to the management of Ghost Town to let them know it touched them so deeply. At first, she only had the strength to do very short dances, that is all she could handle. It ended up that she did it daily, 5 shows a day. She dances in honor of her grandfather DIAMOND YONVADISI and yes you will hear the name Diamond when she dances. Mr. Brown is not being referred to at this time either. The dancing became the very best therapy she could have had and it got her back on her feet again. It was HER healing and the elders, as always, were right. She was an inspiration to many, even to her boss Mr. Rick Bird. She is the reason that he got the inspiration to start hoop dancing again and he has told this story over and over.

Robert Roach came into this picture about a year ago when Mickey's health was slowly going down hill. He has known her since she was about 8 or 9 years old and he was told then that he would serve a wonderful purpose in life with her. He was told that by her grandfather Mr. Diamond Yonvadisi. Well, he could not have been more correct. Because of the type of disease that Mickey has, not only does it effect the body but it effects the mind. She has been through hurdle after hurdle and this one is one she could not cross alone.

A little about Mr. Robert Roach was the son of a career army man and as Betsy says, he was born in France. She is correct, he was, in an Army hospital. And by the way Betsy, he was 9 when he got his citizenship into the US. Mr. Roach has had two ex wives and one of them being vindictive started spreading rumors that he was not Native American. Well, he is not registered with the Lakota tribe but it makes him no less Lakota. He never got to go back to South Dakota to do so. He has been in France, Germany, etc .. etc.. He then himself went into the service. and traveled. His parents never took him back to Pine Ridge just to have him put on some roll and well, he never wanted to much go back himself. Look at Mr. Roach and tell me that he is 1/2 white. He may have some in there somewhere but Betsy, you are very incorrect about his heritage. That is besides the point. Because he is not registered with Pine Ridge and because he was born in France makes him no less of a Native American. He has all rights to dance and do what he does. He is not a self proclaimed anything as you are claiming either. He dances at powwows, he helps Mickey run a booth at powwows, are those crimes??? Is everyone who is at a powwow dancing a registered Native American with a tribe? If they were, there would be few dancers out there. Is he not allowed to do dance and help with a booth when others who are not registered do the same thing?? Where is the crime here? And where has Mr. Roach ever claimed to be a Lakota teacher of anything? He hasn't. He also has a Malamute/Eastern Timber Wolf mix that was confiscated in a raid by the FBI on the reservation. If any of you are familiar with the happenings there, it was done on Old #4 with the Oglesby case. His wolf pup was one that was taken off that property, there were many wolf hybrids there and the Fish and Wildlife took them all. He has permits through fish and wildlife to have her. Again another example of Betsy's half truths.

Moving on.

As time went on, Mickey got sicker and sicker to the point where her family (grandpa) could no longer take care of her. Mr Yonvadisi called Mr. Roach and asked that he come to Cherokee because things were not looking good. Mr. Roach has taken LEGAL adoption and POA of Mickey and yes, by all rights he IS her father. She has been declared incompetent in the state of NC and therefore someone had to be in charge. Betsy, is it wrong for someone who is adopted to call their adoptive parent mom or dad? You claim to have been a child who has no knowledge of your biological parents. You may not have called anyone else mom or dad but do not begrudge someone else who was adopted the right to do so. Mr. Roach has given up life as he knew it to take care of Mickey and he is pretty much a single father right now. She is in and out of the hospital monthly. The people at Tsali Care know what is going on, and why she is not there as much. Dr. Mault, her family doctor knows exactly what is going on and has given her some of the best care she could ever recieve. There is a medical team working with her. I hope things get better. I do not know if it will but there can always be hope.

I visit as much as I can. I give support where I can and I am in constant contact with Mickey and her FATHER. When they go to powwows and she feels up to it, she will get the braces off and she will dance. She did so at King, NC this past year. I don't think there was a dry eye there when she got done. It was not done for money, she was not paid to be there. It was not done for notarity and it looks like the woman who posted the picture and the site saw the same thing that I did. A courageous young lady who is using the grass dance in a way in which it was gifted to her, for her own healing.

Due to Betsy and her continuous spreading of online rumors, she has hurt this family in small ways, no one likes to be talked about. No one wants a rumor out about them. But the wonderful thing about it all is that everyone who knows the family knows the story. They have a support that is not going to end and will never be crushed by the likes of Betsy Ashby. Any of you who take the time to read this, I thank you. Believe who you will, it matters not. Just realize because it is on the internet does not mean it to be truth. As Betsy has so proven, you can also take HALF TRUTHS and make them out to be anything you want them to. I could sit here and post things about Betsy that has been posted all over the internet, but I won't, I don't play that way. However, I will say this. EACH time the things that have been posted about her have come up, she states that none of them are true and they are all rumors. Well Betsy, the same applies in this situation. You can continue your rants and raves about this family if you want but know that you are not hurting them. Each time I see you have posted something in a community or a site about them, I plan on posting my story too.

The Browns' may have well been hurt in some w

  • Re: Please BewareAnonymous, Fri Nov 7 3:17pm
    nuthin but filthy talkin whyte trash and big buddy of the limp blue board.
    • One of the issues she speaks of ... — JW, Mon Nov 10 8:36am
      • Mickey in King, NCwigwamcrafts, Sun Dec 21 9:07pm
        My husband and myself were also at King, NC. I saw her heart and determination every time she danced. My husband was at that gate each time to show her honor. I know I took pics of her dancing in... more
        • mickeyLibby, Mon Dec 22 10:29am
          Yea louisville, i would love one your photos of Mickey. I have a piece of a red coral bead that Mickey gifted me when we visited her 2 yrs ago in Cherokee. I would love to get a message to her of how ... more
      • mickeyLibby, Tue Dec 16 8:02pm
        I have spent time at a powwow with Mickey, they made my Regalia. I spent time with them in Cherokee. Please pass on my concern for her health,my sadness in Auntie's death and my hope she will contact ... more
        • bump (nm)Anonymous, Tue Dec 16 11:19pm
      • ContinuedJW, Mon Nov 10 8:37am
        I did not realize not all of it came out but here is the last paragraph. "The Browns' may have well been hurt in some way and want to be left alone in all of this but so does this family. So you can... more
        • Re: ContinuedAnonymous, Mon Nov 10 10:13pm
          wouldn't bother posting it there. it's obvious they're starting to see her true colors. she's over there now asking them what they want so she can tell them what they want to hear. Might be one or... more
          • Re: ContinuedJW, Tue Nov 11 8:15am
            I am just so tired of her trashing a family that needs so much support right now. I do have to say that you are very correct that not all will believe her. She has hurt so many people and she is... more
            • Re: ContinuedB L, Tue Nov 11 5:13pm
              Most of the real Indians who care about issues have left there anyway. The ones still there are just trouble makers or no life wannabes. A few have stayed to stand their ground. Obvious Earth and... more
              • Re: ContinuedJW, Tue Nov 11 9:29pm
                Please thank Tso for me, though I do not know who he/she is, please let them know that I do thank them. I am glad there are others out there speaking up that do not believe what she is saying. Maybe... more
                • bad medicinec a, Wed Nov 12 6:07pm
                  she will. that ones got some bad medicine on her. you don't mess with the things she does. shes got some money but nobody ever thinks about how she made it. Its funny all them real Indians over there ... more
                  • Re: bad medicineAnonymous, Thu Nov 13 3:04am
                    I have to agree, there is alot of bad medicine there. I find it odd that she constantly hangs around Native American boards and many people believe what she has to say. Maybe they will soon wise up.... more
                    • Re: bad medicineBOOMER, Thu Nov 13 8:05pm
                • Re: ContinuedAnonymous, Tue Nov 11 11:34pm
                  LOL I just read the thread there and Ashby does not answer the post at all. ALL she talks about is the peoples ethnicity who is mentioned which, is not once mentioned in the post, it is only on her... more
                  • yer welcome ;0tso, Sat Nov 15 6:44pm
                    JW and anon. :) dunno how i stumbled on to this site but, here i iz! first time i've been here and prolly the last... dunno. i posted JW's reply on ndnz because she made big charges agianst people.... more
            • lots of people can't get on IndianzAnonymous, Tue Nov 11 12:35pm
              If you are an Indian, it isn't likely that you can get a sign on name now. They only want players to make more entertainment over there. If you are really Indian, they don't want you. See that... more
              • Re: lots of people can't get on IndianzJW, Tue Nov 11 5:11pm
                Thank you for the info. It is no wonder I am not getting a response from anyone there. My ISP will come right back to Cherokee, NC and one of my registrations came back to my email at work which... more
                • Re: lots of people can't get on IndianzB. Lee, Tue Nov 11 7:55pm
                  she threatens from behind a computer and talks so much bs the ignorant are easily confused. go back and read her own words. the first things she does is try to convince people she has unlimited... more
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