Tennessee Indian People's Issues
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Today's the day, June 30 - Susan Lynn killed it
Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:59am

It's either going to be cause for celebration among Tennessee's Indigenous People or a cause for mourning as far as some legal issues surrounding recognition get cleared up. However, June 30, 2010, is also the offical date that the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs has been killed by Susan Lynn. This commission finally accomplished state recognition for Indians in Tennessee, this commission was finally comprised of Tennessee Indians, but Susan Lynn struck the final death blow when she sat on Tennessee Indians. I hope every Tennessee Indian who lives in her district remembers her and that they go to the polls and make sure that she never returns to the state legislature.

    • susan lynnsilverarrow, Thu Jul 1 1:14pm
      You got that right!!! I dare say TN indians all over the state will do everything they can to make sure she knows what she did in favor of the CNO and against US! Wonder how much she got from CNO??
    • Susan Lynn killed itgeorge c, Thu Jul 1 11:23am
      Along with Susan Lynn should be Turner, Faulk and the Rest of the CNO Sponsored money hunger politicians that sold out their souls for a few bucks to stop Recognition from happening in Tennessee... more
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