Not able to reply
Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:30

I can't reply to a post on my own forum? could anyone help with this please

    • Re: Not able to replyTamara, Thu Sep 12 07:54
      It looks like you are blocking your own ISP in the security settings of your DiscApp. If you remove your IP address from the list or include additional octets, you should be able to post again.
      • Test replyJo & Dave (Isis), Wed Sep 18 09:16
        Hi Tamara I have tried to reply to your test message today and the forum will not post my reply. I see on the 21st Sept 2013 I am due to renew my subscription, obviously if i don't have a forum i... more
        • Re: Test replyTamara, Wed Sep 18 09:58
          You did not see your post initially on this DiscApp because moderation is turned on and posts need to be approved. I have logged in to your Admin page and unblocked your IP address in your security... more
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