Old Blue Jeans and Flying Machines
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hey Sidney.....
Sun Aug 5, 2018 11:46pm

I know who it is and I have known for a very long time.. I only did not answer you because I do not care.. I choose to ignore it. I chose to ignore HIM,. not YOU!
You have a couple things incorrect in what you said below though... You were actually very valuable and I cannot thank you enough for the help on many occasions in the past.
You helped many of us on many occasions when we were fighting a dog and had not enough time our-self to do the searches like you did.
Thank you... very kindly.
That was very nice of you. We have known you for many years and your help from time to to time was invaluable.

But I DO have a question;....
I noticed that you said there are NO other tech sites at all, other than this one... Is that true??...
If this is so, perhaps I should be more attentive and active.

I would hate to think this the last one.... I mean this place kinda sucks.!.. ha ha..

But thanks old friend.... you are just as good a friend and helper as any other and all the rest.... You just have to learn to ignore the hagglers and say nevermind.
We are all equal.
If you all wish, I can be more attentive.

Tomorrow is Monday. ugg... three computers and two old stereo systems... one with lightning damage.
The digital HDMI's are SO very sensitive.
This will be read by many,,, Thanks Sidney

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