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Lenovo ideapad 110
Thu Aug 16, 2018 3:29pm

I just added more RAM but it does not seem to recognise it.
Had 4G, added 4G, 8G max.

    • Did you use DDR4-2133? (nm)Scott, Sat Aug 18 7:28pm
      • yes.... exactly. (nm)Griz, Sat Aug 18 7:58pm
        • Then I haven't a clue. SorryScott, Sun Aug 19 10:02pm
          Seen timing issues with some laptops that use onboard and add on, that's why I asked. What does it show in the BIOS?
          • 4096 (nm)Griz, Mon Aug 20 2:26pm
            • about to give up.... bad RAM? (nm)Griz, Mon Aug 20 6:34pm
              • PossibleScott, Mon Aug 20 7:28pm
                Did you get it new? That's the motherboard series that only has one RAM slot isn't it? The existing 4MB is onboard?
                • yes.... new..Griz, Mon Aug 20 7:41pm
                  .. and correct and correct... I have done everything I know how in windows... but if is not recognised in BIOS then I think I am wasting my time... I even took it all apart again but it is properly... more
                  • Only three options I can seeScott, Mon Aug 20 7:58pm
                    Bad RAM, bad motherboard or corrupted BIOS. Try BIOS "Load Setup Defaults" or a Clr RTC hard reset. Swap the RAM and if neither of those work then it's got to be the motherboard.
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