Old Blue Jeans and Flying Machines
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that is a very BIG question
Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:39pm

Nothing is free.
Most hosts are more than willing to administer your site as long as you subscribe to allowing them to listen-in on your clientele. What are you doing?.... Any site being hosted by a server will require either a fee, or a right to advertise, or a submission of rights..... Are you going off-road now?.... a site with motors and stuff?.... cool!...

  • Anyway to create free website?Sidney, Sun Aug 26 9:37pm
    I am thinking about creating a website for my repair business (not consumer electronics but something else). Anyone know of anyway I can get it done for free (no monthly costs)?. Also how do I go... more
    • that is a very BIG question — Griz, Fri Aug 31 9:39pm
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