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Whose Clue
Re: Sorry, typo
Sun Sep 9, 2018 12:21am

Best to use caig's deoxit or 99/144 percent pure urine.

  • Re: Sorry, typoFreddie Mercury, Sat Sep 8 1:39pm
    Bad/dirty LVDS cable,you can clean using de-ox and it may take care of it,or replace,part number: 313917101381 common problem on the sets that used that lvds cable
    • whoever Freddy is, is correct.Griz, Mon Sep 10 9:35pm
      .. but there is also a voltage developed on the X that can cause that.. a handful of bad caps usually. I have given up on that series a long time ago... I want to get married again.. but NOT to a... more
      • and flexing the cable made no difference. I did deoxit it which also made no difference however when I flexed the cable and froze the connector, normal picture returned so it's a bad connection for... more
    • prisms René Descartes, Sun Sep 9 12:33am
      Hey, Freddie check your genes, arse gobbler is your inbetwixt colour cmyk...
    • Re: Sorry, typo — Whose Clue, Sun Sep 9 12:21am
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