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Keith Davis
Today in Tombstone History
Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:00am

In the Tombstone Epitaph of August 26, 1880 the following appeared:

Successful Amputation.

On the 2d of July last, Frank Bowles, formerly of New Valde, Taxas, accidentally shot himself in the leg near the knee. At the time of the shooting Bowles was near Fort Bowie, and went there for surgical relief, which he says was refused him. Suffice it that he remained there forty-one days without medical attendance, his leg gradually growing worse, when Billy Hutchins, hearing of the misfortune of his old friend, had him brought to Tombstone, employed medical skill, and he and his good wife have nursed and tended him assiduously since. From the first his attending physician despaired of saving the leg, and yesterday a consultation of physicians was held, and the amputation of the let above the knee resolved upon. The patient was placed under the influence of anesthetics, and the operation skillfully performed by Dr. Giberson, assisted by Drs. Matthews and Greer. The patient, though an elderly man, stood the operation well, rallying nicely after it, and the physicians have strong hopes of his ultimate recovery.

    • The next day...Keith Davis, Sun Aug 26 3:57am
      In the Tombstone Epitaph of August 27, 1880 the following appeared: Did Not Survive. Contrary to the expectations of the physicians, Bowles did not survive the amputation of his leg, mentioned in... more
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