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Keith Davis
The next day...
Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:57am

In the Tombstone Epitaph of August 27, 1880 the following appeared:

Did Not Survive.

Contrary to the expectations of the physicians, Bowles did not survive the amputation of his leg, mentioned in yesterday's issue. From his attendants we learn that shortly after the departure of the physicians a reaction set in, gradually increasing until about 3 o'clock when his spirit winged its flight to the God who gave it. Deceased was one of those daring spirits, who fearing naught, have ever been on the frontier of civilization, veritable pioneers of our Western Empire. As the bravest are always the tenderest, no heart beat quicker, no hand was extended sooner to relieve suffering humanity than that of him whose death we chronicle. His funeral took place yesterday at 3 o'clock, from the residence of Mr. Hutchinson, and would have been much more largely attended but for the storm.
His good sword's dust his armor's rust;
His soul is with the saints, we trust.

  • Today in Tombstone HistoryKeith Davis, Sun Aug 26 3:00am
    In the Tombstone Epitaph of August 26, 1880 the following appeared: Successful Amputation. On the 2d of July last, Frank Bowles, formerly of New Valde, Taxas, accidentally shot himself in the leg... more
    • The next day... — Keith Davis, Sun Aug 26 3:57am
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