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Keith Davis
Today in Tombstone History
Sun Feb 3, 2013 1:36am

February 03, 1938 - Tombstone Epitaph

It is the opinion of the many local people who are visiting Boothill cemetery these days that the monument recently erected by the American Legion and the highway department is a decided attraction and is causing large numbers of tourists to stop at this famous spot. Many have come into the Epitaph office this week with the same report, namely, that cars from several states at one time are parked there.
The new monument stands out sharply against the background of sky and mesa and is visible from both directions, thus attracting attention to the old cemetery when, in the past, many drove on past without noting it, particularly from the western approach.
The phase of the roadside improvement project which cut down the sharp hill that hid the cemetery from that direction is a distinct asset.
The completion of a monument to Quong Kee here will be another lure to visitors.

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